Sunday, May 28, 2017

Road Food: Eggs

So to recap, after 18 years in the oil industry I got laid off along with 80% of my coworkers back in August of 2016 due to the low oil prices. I was almost immediately snatched up by a consumer chemicals company where I've been expanding their product line. It's a great job, perfectly suited for me and the coworkers are awesome. The only real downside is the morning commute is over one hour and coming home in the evening takes almost two hours. This means getting up at 5:15am to try and beat the traffic across Houston, which is too early for Miniwether to get up and cook me eggs like she had been doing every morning. :-(

I love eggs...fried, scrambled, boiled, poached, and any other way they can be served. I don't have time in the morning to have eggs anymore...or do I?! Being a scientist/inventor I figured there had to be a way to keep eggs on the menu. I like boiled eggs...I have assorted insulated travel mugs...hmmmm.

Trial 1: Boiling water + egg + freebie travel mug
Blog Egg

The raw egg and boiling water were placed in the travel mug and left along for one hour and fifteen minutes to mimic my commute. The water wasn't very hot by the end of this time and the egg was only soft-boiled. Considering it had been sitting for who knows how long under 140F I decided toss it out was the safest thing to do.

Least favorite way to have an egg.
Blog Egg

Well, that didn't work. The system lost heat too quickly. Obviously this'll take the big guns!

Trial 2: Boiling water + egg + Yeti/Arctic insulated tumbler
Blog Egg

Yep, the Yeti clone tumbler did the job, the egg was perfect. Eggs are back on the menu!

Adventure! Excitement! Science!

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