Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Handline Fishing Kit

I like fishing but I hate carrying around fishing poles, especially while hiking. Growing up, I was enthralled by my older brother's Ronco Pocket Fisherman but even that's too big for daily carry in my woods kit. Over the years I kept coming across stories of handline fishing and was intrigued by it. So finally, I made my own handline setup and it actually worked!

A fish!

Handlining involves simply wrapping your fishing line around an old Coke bottle, large pill bottle, piece of PVC pipe, or even a custom, hand-carved piece of exotic wood. It is a bobber/sinker/hook/live bait form of fishing where you unroll some of the fishing line from whatever it's wrapped around and toss it into the water as far as you can away from wherever you're sitting. This usually isn't all that far...maybe 10' with a bit of practice. Then you wait for a fish to take your bait. Reeling the fish in consists of just quickly rewrapping the fishing line back around whatever is your spool.


For my spool I used a "New Whey Protein Drink" tube. These are made of thick, heavy duty plastic with a screw-on, watertight lid. Small swivel snaps were attached to both ends of 20 yards of 8 lb fishing line. One end of the line was held in place with a section of bicycle inner tube and the rest of the line was wrapped around the New Whey tube away from the bit of inner tube. A second piece of bicycle inner tube was then added to keep the working end of the line & swivel in place. A wine cork was cut into a rectangular slab into which were stuck hooks of assorted sizes and styles. Assorted other bobbles, sinkers, and lures that fit into the New Whey tube were added along with some scented fake "live" bait stored in a small pill bottle. Finally, a hole was drilled in the screw-cap cap of the New Whey tube and a bit of glow-in-the-dark cord was tied through it to make a wrist strap. I didn't want to lose my new creation!


What's in the tube? All this stuff!

Stinky artificial bait...

Moments before catching the nice sunfish.

This crazy creation actually caught fish! I have a couple of these tubes so I'll be making a few more to stash in my truck and assorted hiking kits. Getting the right swing on the line during casting took a little experimenting and I wish I could fit a bigger bobber in the tube but so be it. Here's a link to my Amazon store with everything in the kit except for the wine cork.

Adventure! Excitement! Fish!

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