Sunday, March 26, 2017

Because Multipurpose

Striving to do more and more with less and less is a goal of mine...especially as I grow older (and hopefully, smarter!) and what once seemed like a reasonable pack load now seems heavy. Old-time materials such as canvas, leather, and wool have amazing properties but lightness is not one of them. I love my wool blanket but carrying it along with a jacket and assorted other cold weather gear resulted in just too much stuff to pack, carry, and keep track of. So, I had an idea...and knew just the master of fabrics who could make turn this idea into reality.

Misseswether contemplates my idea.

I wanted a warm cover to wear when teaching and on adventure and I like my wool blanket. How about a poncho made out of my wool blanket BUT with a way to seal up the hole for my head so at night I could wrap it around myself to stay warm? "No problem." was her response. "I'll cut a t-shaped opening for your head, use a blanket-stitch with wool yarn to hem the edges of this cut, then crochet wool flaps around the edges that you can lace together to seal the hole. Give me three hours."

Step 1. Make the hole. Misseswether had me very precisely fold the blanket so that the spot were my head would go was in one corner. She then made three connected cuts to open up a t-shape slit in the center of the blanket.


Step 2. Does it fit? Yes!

Step 3. Blanket-stitch the edges.

Finished edge. Damn, Misseswether is good!

Step 4. Crochet overlapping edge.

Playing with blanket pins to seal it up.


The leather belt wraps the front portion of the poncho around me. It takes a little finagling to get the belt in place at first but now it's easy. A backpack would have to go under the poncho causing the back pack to be far away from the body but that's okay in most of the Texas "cold" weather.

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