Monday, January 02, 2017

Posting the Apocalypse

Wherein Clark and Merriwether travel to an alternate reality and discover the world had ended.


Not being limited to one reality is awesome. For instance, you can walk through the ruins of our civilization all day and still get a pizza at your favorite joint afterwards. Seriously, it's really awesome!

Clark and I arrived...well, somewhere. When and where we were was somewhat unclear but obviously something had gone wrong in that world a long time ago. The first sign of this was finding a derelict boat/barge-thingy in the middle of a field, far from any water. It's underside was a collection of pontoons filled with decayed flotation foam. It looked some sort of dredging device but it had been stripped of parts.

Standing in the ruins.

Standing on the ruins!

We wandered through the wrecked landscape, filled with craters and debris. Hills turned out to be giant pieces of machinery covered in the sickly vines and brambles of nature trying to heal.

How many years?

There wasn't any clues as to what caused the armageddon. Nuclear war? Zombies? Liberal policies like in Venezuela, Detroit, Chicago, etc...? You know how in some creepy places you feel eyes watching you? That wasn't the case here. There was nothing but a few straggly weeds and twisted trees.

Great shot for an album cover but the bands are all long gone.

There were no eyes watching us but the wind caused weird voices as it blew through the remnants of the world. It became a little unnerving so I was glad when I found a weapon.

As we walked we saw various possible shelters in case we got stuck for the night. A tarp over both ends to seal out the cold wind and these would have been a regular apartment complex in the aftermath.

There was even a source of drinking water! Algae means it's safe, right?

Eventually we found a sheltered spot to make lunch. Clark likes his high-tech gear whereas I'm more of a campfire and cast iron sort of guy.

My modified Pie Iron.

According to our tracker, we walked over seven miles through a shattered remains of this alternate world. Not wanting to see what came out with the night, we left this place and returned to our much nicer world.

Pizza is nice after spending time at the end of a world.

It was interesting to see what remained of that world and it gave me ideas of where to find shelter if this one ever fell apart. Hopefully it never will but it's always good to be prepared...

Adventure! Excitement! Apocalypse!

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Hikin' Jim said...

MSR Titan kettle vs. Pie iron. 🙂😜

Would that we could have open fires here.