Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Return of Merriwether and Clark


*stumbles over some camping gear*

Damn, look at all this old stuff. Hey, there's my gassifier stove...and some knives. Good lord, what a lot of cooksets! My old backpack...

It's been a loooong time. Nobody's probably even out there. So be it. Sometimes it's good just to write for ones self. Record the good times so some day far in the future when the adventures stop I can at least read about the great times.

My plan today involved the couch and a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. But late last night I got a text from Clark. He needed some woodstime. Life was stressing him out and he just needed a break back like we used to do YEARS ago. The weather report for today was supposed to be rain and rather yucky but that never stopped us in the past. The answer was "YES! LET'S GO!"

Thankfully he wasn't interested in driving hours to someplace so Merriwether and Clark returned to where it all started, Spring Creek. As much time as we'd spent there years ago we hadn't explored every nook and cranny. We knew some secret ways in and so that's where we went, but instead of following the main trail we cut off into the woods on a deer trail and that made all the difference.

In the wild, tapping my inner Predator.

We walked through woods lacking signs of any fellow adventures. The only footprints were those of deer and feral hogs. The trees were beautiful, draped with vines and fall colors. We walked for several hours until finally coming out on a Spring Creek sandbar a mile from any "civilization". A fire was built and years were burned away. We must have past this sandbar the time we took Seeker's Fate from Kuykendahl to Riley Fuzzel but it seemed like no one had been that way since.

The pipe Clark is sitting on ended a few feet beyond the edge of this picture.

The week of rain trigger mushrooms like this massive Reishi.
Mushroom Reishi

The last time Clark and I were out, according to this blog, was January, 2012. Damnnn...almost 5 years ago. Back before the Wethergirls and Clarkettes were teenagers, back when we both had very different lives...

But you know what, when the campfire burns time goes backwards. If you let it it'll go all the way back to caveman times...but when you are with an old friend it goes back to old adventures. I sincerely hope anyone reading this has an old friend to sit by a fire and talk about life, family, and most of all, previous adventures...and you realize that it's time to start making new memories again!


Eventually it was time to cold-dead-out the fire and head home. Oddly, the numerous animal paths we followed in had disappeared and we ended up fighting through four miles of underbrush and thorny vines getting back. We ended up actually getting more lost and finally powered up a cell phone to get our bearings and realized just how far into the borderlands we had ended up. Not bad for guy's pushing 50 and 45. We finally got back to a real trail looking like survivors from a jungle airplane crash. Sadly, the wool pants Misseswether had made for me were tore wide open and my favorite adventure shirt had a sleeve torn off. In other words, a normal adventure for Clark and Merriwether!

Adventure! Excitement! Returned!


Wildcat said...

good times! did you get to test out the machete?

Mike_H said...

OMG! Welcome back to the borderlands! Your camping adventures have been missed! I know exactly how you feel, needing to return to the woods.