Saturday, May 26, 2012

iPhones destroyed the mosh pit.

Long time, no see. Sorry about that, I've been insanely busy. Luckily a friend saved me from this life of labor in one of the best ways possible: RAMMSTEIN!! Yeah, the peaceful rhythms of the natural world being calm, but sometimes I need flamethrower-wielding German psychopaths rocking out in a post-apocalyptic industrial wasteland.
Yes, the concert was in German. It didn't really matter.

 Ready to rock! Of course I had to wear my Zombie Squad t-shirt! Rammstein1
 The show was amazing. I've seen U2, KISS, Neil Young, Stone Temple Pilots, and many other concerts, but these guys (literally) blew all the others away, at least when it came to excess use of pyrotechnics. There were times when I was concerned my cell phone would melt and I was half-way across the arena from them.

 Stage goes BOOM...over and over!! Rammstein7

Back when I was up in Albany, NY I occasionally would hit the mosh pits of some dive bars with live thrash bands. Those days are long over to me, but I was curious to see current-day moshers. Turns out, there weren't any. Everyone just stood there down in the pit...holding up their cell phones to record the concert.

See the small lights? iPhones. Lots and lots of expensive iPhones. Rammstein2 Rammstein5

 Most people were in leather and combat boots and politely arranging themselves so as not to block anyone's view. The guy behind me had brought binoculars and was offering them to everyone around him to look through. People were saying "excuse me" as they moved down the row to their seats. Times have changed.
Half-way through the show Rammstein movved to the center of the arena. They tried to get a pretty girl to come up on stage with them but she refused. No matter, they continued to rock like I've never seen rocking before! I lost count of how many encores they did, but it was at least four. After the last one the crowd roared, stomped, and clapped for more but the house lights came one, the amazing show was over. I pulled out my ear plugs. Hey, I wasn't the only person their wearing them! During the show the music was so loud it interfered with my heart beating. It was like repeatedly being punched in the chest, which was really cool.

 Time to go home.

Outside the Toyota Center an old man was playing a sax for pocket change. I stopped and listened for a bit...the juxtaposition of he versus Rammstein was bizarre but somehow it worked, judging from the money in his hat.

Adventure! Excitement! BOOM!!

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Jackie said...

Wow, never would have guessed you for a metal head!!! Very Cool!!!