Thursday, January 05, 2012

Five-Wheeling in Pundt Park

Pundt Park, along the east side of Spring, has been open for a while now but they just finished a multi-use trail along Spring creek that runs a little over 8 miles to Jesse H. Jones Park. This trail is paved with asphalt, making it a great bike path.

The trail starts off to the southeast of the main parking lot. Take the paved road loop until you get to the gravelly-asphalt path that branches off Deer Lake Trail (see map below).
The gravelly-asphalt stuff lasts about a mile then turns into a nice, paved surface.

The trail winds around, up, and down through the woods and past small lakes near the creek. Some of the hills might be a little steep for a small child on a single-speed bike but our multi-geared tandem bicycle and trailed-bike had us flying down the path on New Year's Day.

Mambo riding behind me.

Misseswether and Mambowether cruising on their 2-wheeler.

A small lake along the trail.

It took us a little over an hour to go 4.5 miles then we stopped for a picnic. Several other really friendly bicyclists and horse-riders passed while we munched. The trail seems to be becoming popular quickly.


The trail has only been finished for a month and either side of it is still torn up from the heavy equipment. This construction turned up a lot of edible greenbriar tubers.

Once lunch was done we headed back to the main play area. The playground is covered with a sunshade as are several picnic areas on either side of the playground. This will help a lot in the heat of the summer.

Mambowether the Adventurer.

There's a lot of people riding horses on this trail so you may have to dodge the occasion road apple. Also be aware that wild pigs are plentiful along the path, though they are rarely active during the day. The lakes are open for fishing though they are catch and release only. You can keep fish from Spring creek if you are hungry. Pundt Park is really a beautiful place to spend a day with the family, friends or even just to get away by yourself for a while.

Adventure! Excitement! Rubber on the road!

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