Sunday, December 04, 2011

Less Adventure, More Music

It's entering the Christmas season which means lots of cute kids pictures & videos! Of course, by "cute kids" I mean my kids because they are by far the cutest and most talented kids around! Miniwether finished up her stint as both a soldier and a confectioner in her dance studio's production of "The Nutcracker Ballet" which is also the name of what Misseswether threatened me with if I complained at all about sitting through the multi-hour perform of said ballet to see the two 65-seconds bits of Miniwether.

The some-day world famous ballet star Miniwether fresh from her performance of The Nutcracker Ballet.

Following the heels of the ballet was the Wethergirl's (all three!) Christmas piano recital. I'll let the video speak for that...mainly because I want to go watch a movie now rather than keep writing.

Adventure! Excitement! Culture!

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