Monday, December 26, 2011

Fox Worthy

Next up, a guy who eats plants!
-Fox 26 newsanchor


It's probably not a shock to my reader(s?) that one of my life's goals is to become famous (or infamous, if necessary to insure my place in history). I used to define famous as appearing on The Tonight Show, but ever since Johnny Carson left it (and us) that show has pretty much sucked. I haven't decided yet on a new definition of fame but the stars do seem to be aligning in my favor (or more likely they are just clustering to attack!). Anyway, I had a small brush with fame a few weeks ago (yeah, I'm really behind on this blog) when I had 4 minutes 50 seconds on the Houston Fox 26 morning news!


There was a lot of waiting around backstage before the interview but that was fun in it's own right. If you've ever seen the play "Noises Off" you'll realize that play is more of a true documentary than a madcap spoof. The newscast was pretty much a semi-controlled crash anywhere except directly in front of the camera. They also had donuts. Really good donuts.

Back in high school I did some work at the local public access tv station. Things have progressed a lot in twenty-five years since then. There were no cameramen on the Fox 26 studio floor. At first I didn't even recognize the cameras as they were strange, self-propelled, (an very evil-looking) robot things zooming around the studio.

Number 5 is alive!

Sometime years ago video switched from blue screens to green screens. I don't know why (I could google it but, meh).

Weather? Traffic? Who knows.

Melissa Wilson, me, and my Houston Arboretum contact.

Okay, you made it this far. Here's the actual video of the interview.

Save Money with Edible Wild Plants:

Adventure! Excitement! Excessive Parenthesizes (I think that is spelled properly)!


Mike_H said...

So very cool! Still would love it if you did a class on the east coast...

Jacs said...

Awesome! Way to go Mark!

Shreela said...

Great interview, congrats! You and Keely lucked out and didn't get a chatty host like Kathy Lee or NBC's morning show hosts LOL

Please tell us how to identify a Black Nightshade with the grape tasting berries. They look similar to berries we have nearby, I'm betting they have dangerous look-alikes to the non-trained like me.

Merriwether said...

Black Nightshade:

Shreela said...

Thanks! I bookmarked it so when the dark unknown berries ripen, I can compare to your page.