Sunday, August 28, 2011

A small grain of sand am I...

...and Misseswether, Miniwether, and Mambowether are the clam trying to turn me into a pearl.

The last two weekends I've had an amazingly large amount of culture shoved down my throat... er, I mean graciously brought into my life. After last week's piano recitals the Wether family attended a live performance of "The Sound of Music" at a local community theater. They were surprisingly good, especially the lady who played Maria. Seriously, I almost stayed awake for the whole thing...and spent less than half my awake time wondering how to fortify the theater against zombie attacks.

This weekend was opera, ballet, live theater, and the Houston symphony and I must say that NONE of Houston's world-famous theaters would be good places to hole up when the zombies come...though I bet the ballerinas could be ass-kicking fighters dealing leaping death from above with a little training.

So how did we cram so much culture into one day? It was time one again for the Theater District's Open House. I'm sure it was just a coincidence that Sunday's sermon at mass was about everyone having a cross to bear. Some of it was kind of cool, such as the backstage costume design rooms. That was impressive only because Misseswether sews so much of her and the girls' clothing and so watching her face light up when she saw all the super-duper sewing machines, amazing fabrics, and the 96" cutting mat was nice. The rest...not exactly my sort of thing. Hmm, basically if you don't need a shower afterwards it's probably not my sort of thing.

But I did get some great pictures that you'll have to sit through (or click away to some non-family-slideshow-thingy).

Sugarplum fairy...who is welcome to dance inside my head anytime. ;-)

There was all sorts of stuff going on on stage, but the lighting above it was also interesting. It looked like something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind

A different mothership.

A whole invasion fleet.

A scary statue.

Painted Mambowether!

Okay, some of it was worth it. :-)

Miniwether says "butterfly" but I kept thinking "Magneto".

Happy daddy.


Southern Belle.

Transylvanian child. Seriously, that costume was used in a production of "Dracula".

The girls partook in all sorts of activities and had a wonderful time. Me? Okay, I'll admit it, I had a wonderful time watching the three of them have a wonderful time.

But next week I'm heading off into the woods!

Adventure! Excitement! Performance Arts!

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hopefully this weekend will bring rain. After our pools close I will be disappearing into the woods at least once a month now that the kids are older.