Thursday, May 05, 2011

It's a Catholic thing...

Mommawether and Poppawether left Minnesota during a blizzard. Four days later, 1,00 miles, and an 80F increase in temperature they arrived at our doorstep. They've never been to Texas this late in the year, so to them it was like they jumped right from April (aka "midwinter" in MN) to late July (aka "to damn HOT" in MN). What could possible have them face such weather extremes?

Miniwether's 1st Communion!

Miniwether receiving the body and blood of Christ.

First communion is a scared rite for us Catholic, being the first really big step into full faith. We Catholics get a lot of heck over some of the stuff we do. So be it. It's my faith and I'm not afraid to show it. At the same time I don't begrudge anyone their own faith nor try to convert them. The nice thing about Catholics (at least the ones who got the message) is that we don't believe our way is the only way. Shocking, huh?!

The extender Wetherfamily afterwards.

Mambowether receiving a cupcake afterwards. Well cupcake frosting anyway. She loves frosting, is so-so about the cake portion.

Yes Misseswether made the dress (both, actually) and yes, Miniwether (7yr. old) is just a few inches shorter than Misseswether (age unknown). Misseswether had Miniwether stand in a low spot for this picture. Standing flat-footed back to back Miniwether is up to Misseswether's ears!

Best picture ever of Mambowether...not involving large bones.

I don't think I want to know what she's thinking here.

Adventure! Excitement! Faith!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Miniwether!!!! You looked totally beautiful for your first Communion!!!!

The girls have grown tremendously since the last pics I've seen, and even more since the last time I saw them!!!!

Wildman800 & Laddieslady1294

SimonF said...

MW, It's not what she's thinking...

...It's what she's got behind her back that should worry you!

Shreela said...

Delete my comment - if you want - after you check on this:

"First communion is a scared rite for us Catholic"

If that's what you meant, cool, but just making sure.

LOVE the group photo - it's SO happy ^_^

KG2V said...

Congratulations Miniwether!!

I can't remember mine, but I do remember Conformation

Brita said...

Beautiful family! Congratulations Miniwether.

Mike_H said...

A big congrats... Been a long time since my First Communion! What a wonderful time!