Sunday, April 17, 2011

Southern Star Brewery!!

Happy birthday to me!!
This isn't a wall of beer. This is stacks of pallets of beer three high and six deep. And this is only one type of the beers brewed by the Southern Star Brewing Company in Conroe, TX. And may I also add, speaking from experience, that they make AWESOME beer!

This is their door. It leads to a very good place.

The door leads here.

Once here they will give you beer. Note I said "give", not sell. Legally they can't sell beer here. But if you buy one of their glasses they'll fill it with beer for free three times...each visit!

As you can see, the glasses are very big. The one my neighbor is holding cost $7. They have smaller ones available for cheaper but what's the point of that?!
They will refill that glass three times per visit for free for the rest of his life. Note: the brewery is 20 minutes from our neighborhood...

We brought a bunch of our neighborhood friends...because it was my birthday party!

Me, being entertaining.

Me getting ready to like the candles on my "cake".
The cake was actually brownies which melted into yummy chocolatey goo. However this goo tasted great as a dip on chips, so there was no slow down in the party!!

Brownie goo dip was a bit messy though.

Me in my first-ever pair of sunglasses. Loving the Lasik!

The Southern Star Brewery is a family friendly place and even provide a wonderful swampy area for the kids to play in.
Miniwether caught several frogs, assorted moths, and fistfull of grasshoppers. She also found a really cool knife that she's looking forward to carrying in her purse in another year or so.

I'll admit from the outside the place isn't all that impressive, but like so many things in life looks can be deceiving, plus it's often not so much the place as the people and there were a lot of fun strangers at the brewery.

It's a nice, mellow party atmosphere. They have several picnic table inside the brewery but most people just party in the yard and parking lot. You can bring your own food, water, chairs (one group of guys showed up with a couch in the back of their truck, sat in it for three hours sipping beer, then drove off again), etc... Assorted musicians also show up. The best was the guy rocking out Metallica songs...on a ukulele!

The Outlaw Cookers.
If you don't want to bother with bringing food you can buy cheap, tasty grub on-site from the Outlaw Cookers. Their brats are fantastic!!

The brewery serves beer to the public most Saturdays starting at 1pm and last call at 3pm, but people hang out for quite a bit after just chilling, talking, rocking, and sobering up. These beers pack a serious kick so PLEASE make sure you bring a designated driver (Thanks Misseswether!). Now that the summer is here it's a good idea to bring some sort of shade device, a cooler of ice-cold water, and of course chairs are always nice. You won't regret it!

Adventure! Excitement! More Exclamation Points Than I've Ever Before Used!!!


Brita said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! Happy Birthday!

Zachary said...

Hey can we get a picture of the knife please!?!?!?
yeah im addicted to shiny sharps

kmat said...

Sorry I missed your BDay party! I was in the Hill Country when I heard about it. Guess this gives us a reason to go back! (like we needed one) Happy belated BD.