Tuesday, March 22, 2011


One of these days my little electronic navigator is just going to throw itself out my truck's window in despair. I can't help that I love it when it starts shrieking "Please return to nearest road!"

Red Rider likes this place but my GPS does not.

Those of you with a tv, internet connection, or friends probably heard that on Saturday, March 19th we had a Super Moon. Due to the rare occurrence of the full moon falling at the same time as it perigee (translation: closest point to Earth in it's orbit) the full moon looked 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal.

This is what it looked like from my non-GPS-friendly location.

It was bright enough to cast a shadow. Cool!

So what was I out doing for this Supermoon? Pig hunting!!

See the pigs?

Nope, neither did we. :-(

See the pigs? Nope, those are cattle.

Luckily we brought our own pigs in easy to carry packages. Bacon and eggs cooked over a campfire...is there anything better?

Well, yes actually. Dutch oven chicken enchiladas with extra jalapeno peppers washed down with ice cold cans of Miller High Life.

Enchiladas cooking in the Dutch oven. I love my Dutch oven.

Since bull thistles are in season I introduced my hunting buddies to its wonderful taste. They are used to me suddenly veering off the trial to harvest some wild edible plant which they then gobble up with gusto. They haven't been willing to try any edible bugs, though.

Hey guys, lunch!!

So three days and two nights were spent out in the woods gorging ourselves on fantastic campfire-cooked foods, searching for pigs, and releasing our inner cavemen. This was about as far-removed from last weeks Maserati adventure as possible but even higher ranked on Merriwether's Scale of Awesomeness!

Adventure! Excitement! Hoppe's #9!


Izzy G. said...

That's a good name for a band. SUPER MOON WEEKEND.

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