Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cold Nature

It seems the weather just can't make up it's mind this spring. We keep alternating between mid-80s and high-30's, often separated by just a day. Case in point, this Saturday. Friday and Sunday were beautiful but Saturday was frigid. The weather reports said it be in the high-60's/low-70's with a small chance of rain but it never seemed to get above 45F, though they were right about the drizzle.

I guess it was my fault for not bringing warmer coats for Mini and Mambo along to the Jesse H. Jones NatureFest. They brought raincoats which helped with the drizzle but did nothing for the bone-chilling cold. Miniwether loves the outdoors and wasn't letting the weather interfere with her fun. But Mambo spent most of the morning in my arms wrapped in my shirt, but that wasn't enough. However, a calorie-laden lunch at McDonalds recharged her and they both asked to return to NatureFest even though we had seen and done everything once already. I figure it's unlikely modern kids (even mine!) can get too much nature, so I had Mambowether wear Miniwether's coat over her own and gave Miniwether my hoodie. It worked well enough to see everything again.

So this is what we saw:

Giant cane toad, which was really cool. I want one as a pet. They can live 15 years!

Really big bugs.

Really small bugs. One booth was handing out free live baby praying mantises. This thing was only slightly bigger than an eyelash! We let it go in the backyard to hopefully kill many a bad bug.

Free stuff! The bags contain frisbees, rain gauges, coloring books, paper clips, pencils, stickers, flashlights, key rings, and a bunch of other cheese free stuff which the girls went nuts over.

Crabs. Miniwether loves the crab display and spends as much time there as she can wheedle out of Mambo and I. As you can see, Mambo was less than thrilled by it.

Crayfish. Miniwether loves these almost as much as she loves the crabs.

Fish. For the first time ever Miniwether didn't catch a fish. She took it personally and rather melodramatically. *sigh*

Crafts. The girls made flowers and butterflies out of construction paper and assorted bugs out of wire and beads. We skipped the squirrels made from toilet paper tubes.

Owl pellets. What kid doesn't like to play with bone-animal poop?!

Mambowether's owl pellet had a skull in it. That was cool.

More animal stuff. Mambowether actually found the 9-band armadillo to be rather cool.

And time to go home, a hayride back to the parking area.

Adventure! Excitement! Really cold kids!


Anonymous said...

It looks like y'all had another great adventure, and lots of fun!!!
Bo and Edie

Christina Rodriguez said...

I didn't know baby praying mantises were so cute! I hope that one grows up big and strong.

Bramble said...

Side note you'd no doubt find interesting, for whatever reason I have a crop of baby praying mantises (manti...I can no longer spell) in my office of all places!! Squib has been photographing them for days. I shall try to remember to post one tomorrow. TINY things they are...

Anonymous said...

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