Saturday, February 05, 2011

Still not there, now with ice.

Sorry folks, I seem to be going through a blogging-blah period. For those readers who aren't in Texas we did have a nasty ice storm come through Thursday night. Work was canceled Friday giving me the day off. However, many government offices were still open so I spent most of the day driving around ice-covered Houston roads to try and register my new trailer. Turns out registering a trailer in TX is tricky business that requires secret and arcane knowledge that I did not have and that the government agents reveal only a bit at a time. As far as I could tell no government official in a single office could give me the full list of paperwork and so forth needed to register a trailer. On the plus side I got to show off my Minnesota winter driving skills to many Texans. Note to Texans: that white stuff on the road...that's ice. Trying to drive on it at 70 mph will result in a very graphic example of assorted laws of physics. I had one guy fly by me at high speed, hit the ice and go spinning across several lanes. Luckily I saw it was going to happen and took proper evasive action. Other people around me weren't so observant or versed in the art of driving on ice. It's scary to watch several $40,000 vehicles start playing bumper cars.

You are probably wondering why I even chose to go out in that mess. Well, there weren't any lines in the government offices. That alone was worth the risk to life and limb.
Plus, now I have a trailer!!

Adventure! Excitement! Steering into the slide!


Izzy G. said...

I hear you, I hear you. Now that my surgery is over I was hoping to get some adventures in, but damnation rain yesterday, today, tomorrow and the next day. Intolerable!

Stephen said...

So were you going to share the secret knock for those of us who might be wanting to register our own trailers? ;)

Stephen said...

Oh, and you might want to look at this:

It appears to be geared toward europe, but there's a lot of overlap:

Christina Rodriguez said...

Ooh, you gonna make a Tumbleweed House on that trailer?

Merriwether said...

Izzy, take comfort in your face has now been fixed. ;-)

Stephen, the trailer STILL isn't registered. :-(
Plants for a Future is an awesome website, I've been going there for years.

Christina, I'm tempted to make the trailer into a neat little mobile house, but then I'd need to get another trailer for Seeker's Fate.

Stephen said...

IIRC, my father has registered about 30 trailers in his life. For a home built trailer, he insists that you need to go to the local tax assessors office where you would pay for your car registration, tell them it's home built if necessary and they should be able to have you registered pretty much immediately. He's a retired attorney fyi. So he could be completely full of crap.

ZS Buck said...

I have that exact trailer folded up in my garage. And yes, What Stephen said is correct. It took me a month to find this out the hard way.
I'm from Ohio, and I stayed home to avoid the natives, but I applaud your bravery!

Stephen said...

You mean my father really is full of crap? Thanks for the confirmation. ;)