Monday, December 13, 2010

Ego Post #2

It seems I'm a bit more famous than I thought.

Last Saturday author Keith Stelter did a book signing of his latest hiking guide, Best Hikes Around Houston at Once and Again Books. Afterwards the lady in charge of Montgomery County's parks had him lead a hike at the Montgomery County Preserve.

This is a very nice place.

This preserve is near home and in fact was the first place I ever took Mambowether out into the woods...she found her way back, though. Anyway, when I saw Mr. Stelter was leading a hike there I knew the Wethergirls and I had to go along.

Well, it turned out I was expected.

Uh, apparently I'm well know by government officials.

When I pulled into the parking lot a strange lady came running up smiling and introduced herself to me. She gushed over Mini and Mambo, then returned to beaming at me. She didn't seem to be wearing a badge, so I figured this wasn't an elaborate sting operation to catch me.

She was the newly-put-in-charge-of-the-parks-lady, she figured I'd show up at this event, and she was hoping I'd join Mr. Stelter in leading the hike to talk about wild edibles along the trail!!

Mark Stelter kind of looks like Santa Claus.

Assorted hikers. You can't see Mambowether but she's at the front leading the way. She took to that roll like a natural!

A lovely mix of yaupon holly and poison ivy.

A raccoon I saw last week while hiking alone somewhere else. I just wanted to add this picture because he's cute.

So anyway we hiked, I lectured, Mini and Mambo made new friends, and it ended with me agreeing to be the official wild edible plant teacher for Montgomery County. Once the new nature center is finished I'll be doing free foraging classes out there several times a year. The really cool thing about that is I now finally have permission to pick stuff for y'all to eat during these classes! That will be great. Downside is this is a volunteer, unpaid position. Well, downside for me but pretty awesome for all y'all!

Merri Christmas everyone!

Adventure! Excitement! Joyous tidings!

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