Sunday, November 07, 2010

When Catholics Party...

...a lot of minivans are involved.

Sorry for the long delay in posting, it's been a hectic couple of weeks. As you know, Halloween season is my busy time (NO! Not because I look like something Dr. Frankenstein built while drunk!!) Between RenFest, Halloween, and assort other bloody activities I haven't had time to write. I'm going to try and make up for that tonight.

So, the Saturday before Halloween was out Catholic homeschooling group's All Saints' Day party. Imagine forty-some families, each with multiple kids dressed as saints getting together on a East-Texas ranch.

Oh-uh, that kid is dressed like St. Adrian!

Left to Right: Merriwether, Mambowether (St. Therese of Lisieux), Miniwether (St. Elizabeth of Hungry), Misseswether (maker of Mini & Mambo's costumes). Seriously, that IS Mambo's happy face. She's a very deep and complex child.

Miniwether quickly shook free of parental hands and disappeared into the saintly throngs with her friends. Luckily Mambo still prefers daddy to people her own age. This means you have to sit through some pictures of her now.

St. Therese and St. George fishing.

St. Therese showing off her deadly accuracy. Throwing things at stuff, for the win!!

At the end of the day Mambowether told me this was her favorite part of the party, just running free through the fields.

Misseswether "St. Paul's Epistles" booth.

Eventually we had a parade of saints. To truly grasp the number of kids involved duplicate this picture five times. After about ten minutes of trying to get all the kids lined up single file the lady in charge gave up and told the kids to just start walking. She was trying so hard to do the impossible...which was pretty funny for the rest of us adults to watch.

As with all good days, night eventually began to fall.

...which meant it was time for hayrides!! Catholic parties don't end early. Sidenote: how do you know which kid has never been on a farm? The one who asks where are the seatbelts on the hay bales. Methinks some parents are a wee bit too protective of their kids!

It was a long day. I had spent the morning teaching a wild edibles class for Urban Harvest, then raced home to take the family to this party. We returned home late but discovered our neighbor's baby shower was still going strong, so we all ended up there until way, way too late.

Adventure! Excitement! Party!


Anonymous said...

It looks like a truly fun family event!!! It also looks like everybody had a GREAT Time!!! I hope St. Christopher and St Nicholas (the Patron Saints of Fools, Drunks, Children, and Coasties) were represented!!!

Merriwether said...

Of course they were! I'm still trying to convince Misseswether to let Miniwether go as St. Barbara. She'd wear a blond wig and I'd walk behind her dressed as God throwing firecrackers at everyone. :-)