Sunday, November 07, 2010

Candyman Returns!

No! No! No! No!
-a very small Spiderman being dragged by his parents towards my house.

As October progressed our nightly walks took us past houses decorated for Halloween. Mini and Mambo thought the inflatable ghosts, Styrofoam tombstones, and plastic skeletons were amusing so I asked if they were ready for me to start decorating our house again. After a bit of sister-sister telepathic communication they agreed that yes, they were old enough not to be scared anymore by my "decorations".


Of course, before anything else the Jack O'Lanterns needed to be carved. While both girls have progressed very nicely with their knife-work, we decided to stick to specialized pumpkin carving tools for this event.

Family time at the Wetherhold. Really, Mambowether is happy!

Miniwether hard at work.

Mambowether gutting her pumpkin.

Posing with our finished products. This is probably our most perfect picture of Mambo ever.

Miniwether was very proud of her Jack O'Lantern (far left). She did it all by herself. Misseswether's "flaming mouth" Jack O'Lantern was pretty cool.

Our entryway. This is only a small sample of what I set up. Due to my busy schedule I wasn't able to haunt the house until the morning of Oct. 31st. It took me all day to set up all the bones, bloody body parts, freakish lighting, sound effects, and assorted other things to make our house look so very, very wrong come nightfall. I didn't have time to take pictures.

Mini and Mambo kind of regretted their decision to let me be scary again, but they toughed it out.

Plus they had superheroes to protect them.

Not that the Candyman would ever hurt them!

It was a great Halloween. Surprisingly, of the six Spidermans I saw, only one came all the way up to my door without being dragged kicking and screaming. On the other hand Transformers were by far the bravest children of the evening. A lot of the older kids remembered when I used scare the daylights out of them and were excited to see Candyman return. Numerous parents took pictures of me posing with their kids which was kind of neat and just a little weird. As usual, we had a lot of children bussed into our neighborhood from down in the city. I take that to be a sign of just how good my neighborhood is.

SUGAR!!! And a pencil.

Adventure! Excitement! Terror!

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Anonymous said...

The girls and their costumes were beautiful. I hope they had as much fun as you did!!! Maybe Mambo doesn't smile all of the time but when she does, her face lights up entirely, as does Mini's!!!!