Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday afternoon gold

Finding treasure.

Sand, sun, water.
Pretzels shaped like bats and Jack o'lanterns.
Pretty rocks, clam shells.
A lazy Sunday afternoon spent creating treasure in the form of memories.

This is not a snake. If it were a snake Miniwether would be holding it.

Yes, the Wethergirls are in this picture, but really far away.

I was hoping to at least turn up a few coins but all I managed to bring home (besides a truck full of sand) were beer cans.

Removed from the beach and properly disposed of. Merriwether says make things better.

All in all, a dang good Sunday afternoon.

Adventure! Excitement! Golden!

1 comment:

Christina Rodriguez said...

Kudos to you for picking up the trash. It always irks me to find empty cans and other refuse in an otherwise lovely natural scene.