Sunday, October 03, 2010


So the Wetherfamily attended a birthday party at a park for twin 5-yr olds this afternoon. Among other outdoorsy party activities was the making of s'mores over a fire. I was roasting a marshmallow when a boy about 6-7ish walked over. After watching me a bit he finally asked why was I cooking a marshmallow.

I could only look at him dumbly for a minute, then respond "That's how we do it on this planet."

Damn aliens.

Adventure! Excitement! Not Human!


Wayne D. said...

You're right inconceivable. Anybody want a peanut?

Christina Rodriguez said...

That's actually really sad that the poor boy had never tasted s'mores cooked over a fire.

Anonymous said...

Fire is bad and can burn, plus there are mosquitoes and UV rays outside. They're much safer inside in front of the XBox. Not all parents are created equal.

Bramble said...

Those frickin' alien kids are taking over the planet. I caught a fish down at the pier over the lake the other day. A kid walking by asked, "What are you gonna do with that?"


Merriwether said...

Wow Bramble, that's even scarier than my marshmallowless alien child.