Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday afternoon gold

Finding treasure.

Sand, sun, water.
Pretzels shaped like bats and Jack o'lanterns.
Pretty rocks, clam shells.
A lazy Sunday afternoon spent creating treasure in the form of memories.

This is not a snake. If it were a snake Miniwether would be holding it.

Yes, the Wethergirls are in this picture, but really far away.

I was hoping to at least turn up a few coins but all I managed to bring home (besides a truck full of sand) were beer cans.

Removed from the beach and properly disposed of. Merriwether says make things better.

All in all, a dang good Sunday afternoon.

Adventure! Excitement! Golden!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nearly Famous

And my fame grows!

Saturday was the big community "Green Festival" at the Last Organic Outpost. They had all sorts of bands, vendors, speakers, and demonstrations. Last year's festival is when I first hooked up with the LOO. Miniwether had a facepainter paint a clam on her face. Sadly, the Wethergirls weren't able to attend this festival as I was one of the workers and also a guest speaker there, which meant arriving a little after 7am to set up and staying late to clean up afterwards. Sidenote: why can't Earth-loving hippies understand the purpose of garbage cans?! My back is still sore from all the trash I picked up off the ground after the event. Dudes, there were big recycling bins everywhere yet these greens would just leave their half-drank water bottles, food wrappers, and cigarette butts wherever they happened to sit!! WTH?!!

But I digress.

Entrance to the farm.

There were a lot of vendors there selling things like pink tools for women, home-use solar panels, herbal teas, and lots of other foods, crafts, and assorted other "green" stuff.



There was one booth that people seemed to avoid, though. People would glance at it's sign then quickly turn away... Apparently the booth's message was one that peace-loving hippy types didn't want to hear...

Zombie Squad, because sometimes it's up to you to make it through.

Yeah, surprisingly people who make their own tofu from scratch don't want to know about emergency preparedness, first aid, water purification, what to keep in a BOB, or even learn about likely threats to the Houston area. Oh well.

Most of my time during the actual festival was spent manning the Zombie Squad booth. However, I did give a talk about the philosophy behind the Food Everywhere movement which was well received by the three people in the audience. No-Impact Man was speaking at the same time as me on the other side of the grounds and stole my crowd.

Me talking. I still miss my old hat.

I did manage to wander around some and that was when I discovered I'm nearly famous! Throughout the day people would come up to me point and yell "Merriwether!! You're Merriwether!! I love your blog/class/hat!!" That was totally cool and a huge ego stroke. Several important people were at the event and they tracked me down to discuss teaching classes to their organizations. I don't want to jinx anything so I'm not going to drop names...but hopefully if things line up the way I'm trying to get them maybe someday I'll be able to trade my lab coat and safety goggles in for hiking boots and a hori hori knife. That would be AWESOME!!!

Adventure! Excitement! Fame!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Biting Things.

Okay, so two out of three isn't bad. The first part of three was getting stuff ready at the LOO. I got a lot of work done out at the Last Organic Outpost in preparation for their GreenFest next week. Trash is picked up, weeds are pulled out, new beds have been made and planted. It's going to be a great time. I'll be giving two talks about Food Everwhere and also leading three wild edibles tours.

In a week these will be filled with yummy food!

Hopefully these will be gone.

The next planned event of the weekend started out well but then turned bad then turned...well, I'll let y'all decide how it ended up. The plan was for me and the Wethergirls to sleep out in the backyard under the stars. The girls have heard me talk many times of my camping adventures without a tent and they wanted to try it. A cold front had blown in and nighttime temperatures were in the mid 50's. It seemed like the perfect time to throw down a tarp and our sleeping bags for a night watching the stars.

Trust me, stars are up there.

Miniwether and Mambowether actually managed to talk Misseswether into joining us, which was rather shocking. It's not the sort of thing she usually would even contemplate.

All tucked in.

Misseswether read aloud to us for a while and then we closed our eyes and went to sleep. And by "we" I mean "me". The girls were thrashing around and complaining about things biting them. Nothing was biting me so I told them just to go to sleep. Well, nothing was biting me but the three of them ended up covered in bug bites. Miniwether woke me up begging to go inside. In the light of my flashlight I could see her face was covered in lumps.

Everyone back in their regular beds.

Misseswether and the Wethergirls quickly fell asleep in the safety of their own beds while I had to haul everything back into the house. By the time that was done I was no longer sleepy so I cracked a beer, filled a bowl with pretzels and flipped on the TV.

The only thing on was He-Man.

Sunday came and it was time for part three of my weekend plans: fishing! Mini and Mambo had been wanting to go fishing again and with the cool weather they could handle standing out in the sun. Sidenote: Mambo actually wanted to go shooting but that wasn't an option today. Luckily she considers fishing to be almost as much fun as shooting and didn't argue with me about going.

Cool weather means the worms don't dry up as quickly, and give several hours of wriggly fun.

Mambowether caught the first fish while I was still getting Miniwether's rod ready. She ended up catching four fish in less then ten minutes and then decided to play with a stick instead.

Miniwether caught 6-8 fish before running off to play with LoneStarC's son. They found some mud and much hilarity ensued.

We also saw this banded watersnake. Miniwether attempted to catch it several times but I wouldn't let her actually go into the water after the snake. I'm a good dad.

Eventually it was time to go home and hose off the girls. Turns out Burroughs Park mud is incredibly tenacious and much scrubbing was required to get them clean enough to be let into the house.

Adventure! Excitement! Apparently Merriwether Tastes Bad!!

Sunday, October 03, 2010


So the Wetherfamily attended a birthday party at a park for twin 5-yr olds this afternoon. Among other outdoorsy party activities was the making of s'mores over a fire. I was roasting a marshmallow when a boy about 6-7ish walked over. After watching me a bit he finally asked why was I cooking a marshmallow.

I could only look at him dumbly for a minute, then respond "That's how we do it on this planet."

Damn aliens.

Adventure! Excitement! Not Human!