Friday, September 10, 2010

Remembering the Two and the 2,977

9/11 comes again and I spend a moment looking up.
The last thing I did before leaving New York was visit
The World Trade Center.
I was carrying a doormat with two big footprints
of a dinosaur. I'd bought it as a gift for my mom.
She gave it back to me when I bought my house.

I spent a long, long time up on the observation deck
taking in the only city I ever liked.
It's a mean city, a smelly dirty city.
A fascinating city.

There was no other view in the world like the view from the top of
The World Trade Center.
Prometheus, coming down from the mountain top
clutching stole fire in his hands
could not feel the joy I felt high above
New York's steel,
New York's concrete,
New York's people.

Honest pride is not a sin.
America's towers were worthy.
And so they were targeted by evil
by primitives
who howl and rampage and bite themselves.

The World Trade Center
I watched it over and over.
People, clasping hands,
because it was better than burning.

I watched over and over scenes
of people cheering
over the falling.

I watched over and over candles
lit around the world
saw tears on the faces of people who
had never been to America
but shared our pain at the loss of
The World Trade Center.

2,977! 2,977! 2,977!

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Anonymous said...

Edie worked on the 17th floor of the north tower when I was stationed in NYC. We used to meet in the basement and have lunch, many days. We would meet by the statues outside in the evenings and go bar hopping. All of our friends that still worked there were either sick or on business trips that fateful day.