Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Once is accident,
twice is coincidence,
three times is enemy action.

-Chant of the paranoid

So what the frack does seven times mean?
In the last ten weeks we've had the clothes drier break down: $250
The dishwasher die: $500+
The dishwasher flooded the kitchen in it's death throes, requiring the replacement of a bunch of wood trim: $400+ (and not everything has been replaced yet)
The AC units both crap out: $7500+
Misseswether's health: $$$$$
Merriwether's dental work: $550

And now last night our hot water heater stopped working. I've done all the trouble-shooting I can on it and it's not any of the common problems. I went to Home Depot as they advertised if I contact them before noon they can replace it the same day. Turns out they are swamped with requests so currently "same day" now means "Saturday". What the heck is knocking out all the water heaters in Houston? I found one thing on line that if Houston attics get hot enough (above 150F) it can burn out the water heater control unit. I guess that's what happened to mine. Heater + installation: $1000+

Adventure! Excitement! Never getting that AMD-65!


Izzy G. said...

Your hot water heater is in your attic? That's against building codes for Florida. Crazy. You can only put hot water heaters (electrical or gas) in your garage here.

Brita said...

Ugh! That is all I can say.

Wayne D. said...

Just a quick guess, but were all your appliances installed at the same time?

If you need to get some appliances I get Whirlpool and Amana for cheaper than what dealers can get them. One of the few perks of who I work for.

Anonymous said...

Are those the amounts you're paying to replace them or repair them?? Have you thought of trying craigslist? I got a washer/dryer set for 100$ and it works great. Some people even give them away because they just need it gone before they move.

Anonymous said...

What you've got is: A Gremlin infestation, specifically, a WATER GREMLIN infestation!! Put the old affected appliances out on the curb, nearest to the next door neighbor that you care the least about. The Gremlins will invade his water associated systems once they realize that they are about to be hauled away.

Seriously, this is the primary reason that I believe we may actually be in The Matrix!!!


Stephen said...

You got them wet and fed them after midnight, didn't you? Smooth.

Merriwether said...

The original appliances were bought new in 1999 when we bought the house. It makes sense that they would all crap out at the same time. :-(

I try to by the highest-quality I can afford but I see that coming to an end soon if anything else goes out.

Gremlins...maybe that's what got in to my secret stash of cookies!

Anonymous said...

The cookie Gremlins are the sneakiest to catch but the easiest to slap down.

If you can swing it, since you have an attic water heater, an in-line water heater would be best and will pay for itself within 5 years. However, that kills off the potential 30-50 gals of emergency water supply that a conventional hot water heater provides.


Tom S. said...

To steal a line from an Indiana Jones movie:

"You say this is just a typical day for you?"

"No! Better than most..."

The good news is you're running out of things to break.

space city pool care said...

we always try to put money away for a rainy day but for you its a monsoon all at once.

Bramble said...

This sort of electronic conspiracy s*** seems to happen at our house every six months. This week it's cars. YES...they are in cahoots!!!!