Sunday, June 20, 2010

Merriwether and the Tailor

Recently it has come to my attention that I need some new suits. It seems repeated wearing of my current suits has somehow cause their pants to shrink to a uncomfortable tightness. I'm not enough of an expert in fabric science to understand why this has happened, all I can do is respond in a manner favored by President Obama: throw money at it in hopes something magically works.

So Tuesday I found myself trying on assorted suits at a men's fine clothing establishment. My belief is really men wear good suits. If you don't feel like superman when you put on your suit you need a different (better!) suit. The house tailor is working with me, making some suggestion as I try on different jackets. I normally like the powerful image of double-breasted suits, but apparently these have gone out of style and they didn't carry any. I settled on a nice Italian wool very dark (almost black) charcoal pinstripe that will work well for both scientific presentations (yea!), funerals (bummer), and job interviews (bummer). Sidenote: I'm still employed, but in this day and age one should always be prepared for job-hunting.

Let me say a few words about the tailor. He is an old black man who looks and sounds like Morgan Freeman. He moved like he's been dressing men for fifty years, which looking at him seemed completely possible. Deft, smooth, no-nonsense, just perfection in his every movement. I swear if God ever needs a suit this guy is going to be yanked up into heaven!

Anyway he asked me what size waist I have and I sheepishly tell him 36". I haven't been on the treadmill in months while food consumption has remained the same...okay, maybe consumption has increased a little bit...but only a little! The tailor disappears, then pops back up with pants for me to try one. Oh, they feel great! I can move, flex, and sit comfortably. Yeah, I'm loving this suit!

We spend a while as he chalks up where he'll make alterations, and then it's time to take it off. He carefully hangs it on a nice hanger and walks me up front to ring it up. After signing the credit slip I run my hands over the suit again, enjoying the fine fabric. There's a tag on pants and I flipped it over to read it.

Waist: 38"

Oh, well played mister tailor man.

Adventure! Excitement! Time start running again!

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Izzy G. said...

I agree. Real men wear suits. I went to a wedding for a friend in April. I was the only man under 30 who bothered to dress up. Some kudos go to Christina telling me what I picked to wear looked good on me.

I recently went from a 30" (Skinny, I know) to 32" so I'm having to get some new pants tailored for me.