Sunday, June 13, 2010

The life aquatic with Clark and Merriwether.

It has been FAR too long since Clark and I have gone paddling down some forgotten/unpassable river or alligator infested swamp. Luckily Sunday Clark and I managed to have an aquatic adventure far more meaningful than past trips!

Clark and I ready for our aquatic adventure!!
(sidenote: Clark is a big, six foot tall man)

Not expecting the ties, were you? Alas, while Clark and I were deeply involved in this adventure, we were not the primary adventurers. That pleasure was reserved for the Younger Clark and the Clarkettes. I was asked to by Younger Clark's godfather. What an incredible honor!

These three are about to get very wet.

So by now you've figured out some sort of baptism has taken place. In this case it was actually multiple baptisms as both of Clark's daughters and his son were washed clean of the Original Sin and entered into the Catholic church! Give me an "Amen!" brothers and sisters!

None of this "dribble some water on the head" stuff, they were heading for complete submersion. Sidenote: the pool was heated which is a good thing as the decon was in there a long time (lots of baptisms today).

Standing at water's edge.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!

After the ceremony everyone went back to the Clarkhold and partied. Catholics are pretty good partiers. Polish Catholics are EXCELLENT partiers! Trust me, if a group of Polish people invite you to a party definitely go!! I didn't recognize any of the food they served but it was all most excellent. Better still was the "Joy of Life" they bring to celebrations. I love hanging out with Clark's and Misses Clark's extended families.

Of course, partying with my family rocks, too.

Adventure! Excitement! Redemption!


Izzy G. said...

Sheesh. I only got a dribble. I didn't get to hang out in a hot tub.

Mike_H said...

I was raised on Polish food! My mom is 50% Polish, 50% Russian. Mmmm... That will sit in your stomach for a while!

An, oh yeah, we can party!

Merriwether said...

Izzy, you should go bake and demand the whole baptismal enchilada. The Clarkette's had a blast!

Mike, I'm coming over to you place for supper and drinks!! Make sure you have some aunts there to supply us with food and some uncles to argue with. :-)

clarktx said...

Nice writeup :) Everyone here enjoyed it.