Saturday, June 12, 2010

I need an AC repair person!

Our upstairs AC unit is acting really wonky. Can anyone recommend me a good repair person on the north side of Houston? Everyone I've looked up is blacklisted by the BBB! Help me readers, you are my only hope.

Adventure! Excitement! Sweat followed by $$$!


Stephen said...


I've never had a problem with on of the contractors recommended by their site. It's not free, but SO worth it.

Otherwise, I seem to remember as being good. Not sure if they make it all the way north.

Jackie said...

We recently had a tuneup and were very satisfied with ASAP Cooling and Heating (281)364-7650. We dealt with Todd 281-610-0581.

Bramble said...

Labrador Mechanical. Ask for Kyle Jeane. 281-355-5426. Tell him the Lindseys sent you. When he is done screaming, he will set you up.

JRo said...

Hallmark - their service guy rocked. Also, their preventive care plan is TOTALLY worth it - saved us big bucks this year when the guy found a cheap little something that could have evolved into a HUGE expensive something.

Lone Star Chris said...

Schiller Services. He's a good friend of mine and very honest. He's been doing ac/heating work for a really long time, and is licensed & insured. Really knows his stuff. (They do all my ac work.)
Ask for Tim Schiller

Merriwether said...

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the suggestions!!

Bramble, your man had the best on-line reviews so we are starting with him. The main man himself can't make it so he's sending "his best tech" over this Tuesday. We'll see what happens. If his estimate is over $500 we'll be calling Chris's man for a second opinion.

Revon said...

Check for this one.

Houston HVAC Company