Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sew anyway, Easter wasn't all bad...

The last few nights Misseswether has been hiding out in her sewing room. Actually, she spends a lot of evenings in her sewing room, but Saturday night she didn't crawl into bed until 2am, knowing that she needed to get up in less than five hours to get to Easter mass. However, the result was that as Mini and Mambo searched for candy this morning they also found beautiful Easter dresses.

Making stuff like this is what Misseswether does for fun.

Since the dresses cost only about $5, they wouldn't have another occasion to wear them after church, and they felt like beautiful princesses with them on there did not seem to be any reason they couldn't wear the dresses all day long.

I'll build my own castle, thank you very much say the Princess Engineer.

Pretty in pink picking pretty pink primroses.

Unrelated, here is a picture I took of an offshore oil rig's life pod I saw being hauled down I-10 yesterday.
Those are really cool, uh, assuming you don't actually need to use it.

Adventure! Excitement! Royalty!


Christina Rodriguez said...

Oooh those dresses look FANTASTIC on your darling girls! I want to commission one RIGHT NOW for my niece!

Nice Lego collection Mini's got there. I'm jealous!

Merriwether said...

That's only about half the Lego bricks-n-stuff. :-)

As for a dress for your niece, I'll let you and Misseswether work that out...

Anonymous said...