Sunday, April 11, 2010

Foraging at Cielito Ranch


Weeks ago I received an e-mail from the wonderful owners of Cielito Ranch Bed & Breakfast asking if I could come out and give them a private class on wild edibles. Due to my amazing popularity I wasn't able to meet with them until this morning. Wow, was I missing someplace awesome! Had I known how nice it was out there I would have brought the whole family. They could of hung out by the pool, gone fishing, rode horses, played on the great playground, feed the assorted animals, or hiked the miles of trails along the Brazos river.

Okay, maybe not that last one. :-)

The ranch is outside of Brookshire, Texas, which is off I-10 just past Katy, Texas. In fact, it's just downriver a few miles from Stephen F. Austin State Park where Clark and I had gone adventuring last week. Basically a 45 minute drive from downtown Houston...depending on traffic.

Their land was filled with wild edibles, which surprised them. Just standing on the driveway I pointed out mallow neglecta, henbit, wood sorrel, and curled dock. Five steps off the driveway brought us to hawksbeard, stinging nettle (love that stuff!), shepherd's purse, sow thistle...and it just got better from there. My personal favorite, greenbriar, was all over and I snagged a lot of it to munch on as we wandered past. Excitingly, they had two toothache trees near their house! Well it's exciting if you like rendering your mouth numb by chewing on a nasty-tasting leaf. Maybe that's just a me thing.

And don't forget slippery elm!

I was there a little over two hours and according to my field notes, I found 27 different wild edibles. It was kind of hard to leave there and half an hour later as I sat not moving in Houston traffic for AN HOUR I had to think really hard as to why I left.

This sucks.

Ah, yes. This is why I always return home!

Sidenote: be very careful when you give your wife permission to buy any homeschooling stuff she wants. Turns out there's a bunch of homeschooling apps available for the she bought an iPhone.

Sidenote #2: The owners of Cielito Ranch have neither asked me or given me anything in return for writing about their bed & breakfast. I just really liked it and when I like something I tell others about it.

Sidenote #3: Coke Zero Vanilla...not so good.

Adventure! Excitement! A Place To Go When The Zombies Come!!

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Bramble said...

I must admit that after much protection of my iPhone (acquired for employment reasons) I have relinquished a tad of control due to the number of things my kids are learning to do with it. But, PUT THAT THING IN A GEL COVER...they don't bounce well :(