Saturday, March 06, 2010

Yeah, that's more like it...

For the last few weeks I've been running on three hours of sleep a night. It hasn't been pleasant. Too much to do, not enough time to do it, and bad things will happen if they don't get done. Stress levels in my life blasted through the roof and are currently somewhere in the vicinity of L5. To much work, not enough play makes Merriwether a boring blogger.

No, seriously. I can be very boring at times!

Luckily, today isn't one of them...though that might just be the large glass of juice box/tonic water/coconut rum sitting next to my mouse pad talking. I'll admit, that drink is as foul as it sounds, but it's all I could scrounge up. However, it's been making the movie on the tv behind me much more enjoyable, though any movie where a mutant shark pulls a helicopter out of the sky already has WIN stamped on it in my book.

Oh cool, the chef just blew up the shark with a slow motion explosion!!

But I digress. Without further ado my I present:

Merriwether's Men 2: Return of the Return to San Jacinto

I'm active on a number of different internet forums devoted to adventure, excitement, and emergency preparedness. Unlike many people on the internet though, I actually gather up my digital friends and take them off in adventures in the real world. OH CRAP THE SHARK IS STILL ALIVE!!!


This time it was a fellow blogger, a Hoodlum and son, fellow Zombie Squaders, and a few local readers of this blog. We met at Edgewater Park in Humble, then launched into the motionless waters of the San Jacinto river. The new MM were somewhat concerned about my plan to paddle four miles upstream against the current, but they quickly realized that I knew what I was doing. If it hasn't rained in a few days the San Jac pretty much turns into a long, skinny lake.

The first thing you do when heading upstream from Edgewater Park is pass under the Hwy 59 bridges. As we approached the bridge there was a crash on it. If you look closely at following picture you'll see a white SUV on the right side facing oncoming traffic. We aren't sure why it is facing oncoming traffic, but we all agreed our day was currently infinitely better.


The best part of waking up in water under your keel. I don't know, I just thought that sounded rum, er, good.

The crash behind us and nothing but water, trees, and a day of adventuring ahead of us is a very good thing. I've been needing a very good thing.

Wildcat and Wonderdog having a very good day.



As great as the San Jacinto is, we were seeking adventure which meant exploring the little tributaries that lead into the San Jac, which means occasionally hacking through deadfalls

A little hatcheting, a little kicking and we're through.

This particular tributary lead to a very large pond where alligator gar were frolicking. Alligator gars can grow to almost 300 lbs and six feet in length.

TXF managed to catch a baby one.

Eventually we left the gar and continued up the San Jac. Our goal was a sandbar far away from civilization. It's about four miles as the crow flies from our launch point, but with all the river bends we had to paddle a lot further than that.

Totally worth it!

We left Edgewater Park a little before 10am and landed at the sandbar about 12:30pm. A fire was built, food was cooked, stories were told, and life was good.

Life, being good.


Wildcat made a tripod to hold up his canteen cover which he was using to filter river water before boiling it for pine needle/yaupon holly tea.


Meanwhile, I was looking for plants.

Saw palmetto heart.

Mature prickly ask/toothache tree.

Eventually it was time to douse the fire, collect the trash, and head back downstream. The bright sun had burnt a few of the less-appropriately hatted, so improvisations were made.

Trust us, we're the good guys.

The paddle back was peaceful and tinged with the usual melancholy. You know what, I think I'm going to stop this week's post here, still on the river. It's a good place.

Where my mind is.

Adventure! Excitement! Men In Boats!


Anonymous said...

Great post MW, just like the good old days!

Izzy G. said...

I cannot wait until my schedule clears and I can get back outdoors. I just want it to warm up so I can go diving again. CURSE WINTER.

Wildcat said...

it was a great trip. thanks for putting it together!

Brad said...

Aw, you guys suck :(

Here I am stuck in you know where doing you know what when I'd rather be in the river with you.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Nope, You are still pretty boreing

Hanzo said...

Awesome adventure! I am truly jealous.