Sunday, March 14, 2010

In praise of $5 beer... which I mean $5 per six pack of long necks.

Yeah, I'm sunburned, cut up, worn out, and smell of sweat, sand, and riverwater. What a great weekend! Not only did my new hat arrive, but Misseswether also picked up some beer for me! Isn't she awesome?

Lone Star Beer
Lone Star Beer, yes I drink it by choice. Why does everyone keep asking me that?

I was supposed to be teaching an emergency preparedness class at the arboretum next week but it was canceled due to lack of interest. Apparently Houston is blessed in that nothing bad ever happens here so only one person out of the over 4 million people in the great Houston area thought such information would be useful. I tell ya', it's comforting to know I live in such a safe area...

Anyway, my original plan for this weekend was to spend it in deep preparation for teaching preparedness but since the class was canceled I suddenly had free time. Woo hoo! And with the arrival of my new hat it was obvious the weekend was not meant to be spent in front of the computer.

New hat. Not as good as the old hat.

Saturday morning Miniwether had to go to dance rehearsal for her upcoming ballet performance. That's a mommy-thing, which means it was a Daddy-Mambo Special Time morning! Even though I knew the answer, I asked her what she wanted to do. Yep, she wanted to go feed the ducks and play in the sand at Northshore Park. The ducks scare her but she still wants to feed them.

We got there early and the first hour(!) was spent pushing her on the swing. About 45-minutes into this I realized pushing a 4 yr old on a swing is kind of like doing pushups. Luckily she only demanded another 15 minutes of this before it was time to play in the sand. They have really good sand there.

Mambo loves to make sandcastles, so we made sandcastles. Then we enacted great dramas of kings and queens and bandits and heroes fighting great battles for the castles. A 4 yr old has no problem imagining sweetgum pods are kings/queens/bandits/heroes. The evil king & queen were overthrown by the bandits who themselves were wiped out by heroes. As the climactic battle finished I looked up to see a bunch of other parents sitting on the benches watching Mambo and me. Apparently a parent actually playing with their kid in the sand is an oddity...or maybe they were staring because the battles were soundtracked by me singing reworked version of songs from My Fair Lady. The reign of Spain ended bloody on the plain... I'm not big into musicals but for some reason I like that one.

Soon after that rehearsal ended and Misseswether & Miniwether joined us for a picnic lunch. Then Misseswether headed off to do some shopping (she got me beer!) and I took the girls down to the Last Organic Outpost to do more work on my edible plant demo beds. Joe and Marcella, the founders of the Last Organic Outpost, also have several adopted children from Nepal and China, the youngest being the same age as Miniwether. They are thick as thieves when together and pretty much take control of the whole farm...or at least any part that has dirt or mud to play in, things to climb on, veggies to eat, or people to talk to. The best toy for a kid is another kid. Meanwhile I spent several hours swinging my machete to prune a willow tree threatening my demo beds.

Wild mustard radishes at the Last Organic Outpost.

Sunday afternoon found Mambo and me fishing for white bass along the shores of Spring Creek along with another friend and several of his children. Miniwether was supposed to come too but due to a rather extreme display of bad behavior this morning she ended up grounded for the day. Misseswether had planned to spend the day happily locked away sewing some new dresses for herself but ended up having to deal with a wailing Miniwether so as not to spoil the day for Mambo.

Misseswether's idea of a good day. Yes, she made the dress she's wearing.

Mambowether's idea of a good day. Yes, that is her happy face.

Alas, the white bass seem to no longer be running this section of Spring Creek so nothing was caught by me or anyone else. A little before 4pm I packed everything up and headed home to surprise Misseswether by returning early. And my plan would have worked too except for the change to Daylight Savings Time. Saturday night I changed all the clocks, but forgot my adventure watch...

Adventure! Excitement! Desperately Needing A Bouquet Of Flowers!


Izzy G. said...

Beer: Check. Hat: Check. Handy Wife: DOUBLE CHECK.

Well done, my friend.

Brad said...

So, does this mean you're bugging out this weekend?

Merriwether said...
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