Sunday, March 28, 2010


It always goes the same way...

I'm standing on a beach at night looking out over the rolling waves. The moon is up and very bright. Behind me is a boardwalk bustling with the sounds of happy people talking and the clink of silverware as they eat.

Then it suddenly changes. Instead of a clear night it is all gray. The sky is filled with fast scudding clouds and far out to sea I see dark, dark clouds coming this way. The waves no longer lap at the beach, the water has receded back out farther than I can see leaving behind puddles and mud. Then I realize the dark clouds out at the horizon are boiling above a wall of water coming this way.

Behind me the chatter on the boardwalk is gone. There are no longer any conversations or meals taking place. The only sound is some thing moaning or growling back away a block or more. I don't turn to look because I don't want to see what's back there.

The wind picks up in front of the wall of water rushing towards the beach. In the clouds above it things are moving.

At that point I wake up. It's usually about 2:39am. At 3:10am the big, nightly cargo jet passes over the house. At 5:59am I rest my hand on my alarm clock's shutoff so I can kill it right away so it doesn't wake Misseswether.

I don't sleep much anymore. There's too much I need to do before...well, before whatever is coming gets here.

Adventure! Excitement! Storms!


J-Ro said...

I am a vivid dreamer. Very real, in living color. Stress brings out the worst ones. But I had a psych prof in college tell me - and I have really found it to be true - that once you actively tell someone your dream, you will never have that same dream again. A dream is your subconscious doing a brain dump - spring cleaning,if you will. Once you share them, once the garbage has been taken to the curb, so to speak, the subconscious dusts off its hands and moved on to the next item. Of course, if the source is a deep seated anxiety, then you may have other permutations of the same dream, but never exactly the same one. Just articulate them out loud - however, I recommend you choose someone who knows you well so they won't run off screaming.

It's worth a shot, right?? You need to sleep, hon. You won't be able to fight off the Zombies if you are exhausted. :-)

Much love,


Mike_H said...

Wow! Definitely a bit of stress there... Have you watched 2012 recently?

I used to have dreams of a mushroom cloud sprouting up on the horizon and the shockwave rushing at me...

BD said...

I had a dream that Adrian Monk was eating on my (kitchen) island, but he was somehow in the background of the rest of the dream. Fairly bizarre. I can also wake up and fall back asleep and continue the same dream but in a different spot. It's funky.