Monday, February 08, 2010

Farming in the PAW (Post Apocalyptic World)

We make dead things deader.
-Zombie Squad Motto

Things have been going well in the war between humans and zombies. Luckily zombies, due to their limited dexterity and non-existent capabilities of thought, can usually be held at bay by the erection of simple barricades. This suggests that the Last Organic Outpost can serve as a viable fortress during a limited zombie uprising. With that in mind I and other members of the Houston chapter of of Zombie Squad spent Sunday increasing the farmable land inside the Last Organic Outpost's walls.

Zombies?! Don't worry, we talked about this on the internet!

Not farmable.

Step one: Cut down tree growing through truck-thing.

Step two: Move truck thing from center of area to barricade using tractor and come-along. Repeat with two other vehicles.

Step three: stop working to discuss knives.

Step four: Haul trash to other part of abandoned warehouse complex.

Step five: Discover abandoned ambulance filled with porn.

Step six: Not to be spoken of.

Step seven: search rest of warehouse complex for zombies




We managed to clear quite a large area in a short amount of time, proving that giving a group of guys numerous sharp objects and excessive amounts of horsepower doesn't always lead to bloodshed...except for maybe zombie blood!

Now farmable.

Adventure! Excitement! Defending Houston Against Zombies While Increasing Food Security!!


KrysTros said...

Ambulance filled with porn LOL. Was that a dragon?

Jackie said...

What a spooky old warehouse! Good setting for a tv series; oops, that's been done. You guys rock!

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Man Merriwether that is one cool looking playground. So many resources to work with and so much potential. I am jealous.