Sunday, January 17, 2010

Like butter...

...spread over too much bread.
-Bilbo Baggins

Current slices of bread in random order:
1. 40+ hours a week doing research chemistry
2. Fatherhood
3. Husbandhood
4. Preparing my Practical Preparedness class (Houston Arboretum on March 20th)
5. Improving my edible plant blog
6. Studying herbal medicine
7. Working out for 2 hours every other night
8. Volleyball once a week
9. Updating this blog
10. Working down at the Last Organic Outpost/Houston Food Security program every weekend
11. Creating a permaculture food forest in my 30'x70' backyard
12. Preparing for or teaching wild edible plant classes (Jan 30th, 31st; Feb 14th, 27th)
13. The usual "honey-do" list items (damn, I still haven't fixed the leaky sink!)
14. Dealing with a tough medical issues in the family

The above is stuff I'm actually doing every week. Notice I didn't include sleeping on the list? Every time I see a news article about how sleep deprivation causes health issues I think I'm working myself into an early grave. Note also that I haven't been backpacking, camping, or paddling in ages. The Houston Kayaking Meet-Up group is doing my Spring Creek this coming Saturday and I don't have time to join them.

All my life I've felt like I'm racing something big and dark...that I need to accomplish all this stuff before it catches me. So I run and I build and I write trying to get everything done. Meanwhile I hear the sound of the big, dark thing getting closer.

Unrelated, here is a picture of my friend after he dropped his daughters birthday cake on the floor. I told him I was going to post this.
Adventure! Excitement! Ukwtakun!

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Brad said...

Hmm... looks like I'm developing a bald spot on top of my head....