Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Joyful Sound of Cracking Ice

Growing up in Minnesota I encountered more ice than I'd even wish on most enemies. I had a paper route from age 10 (dad lied and told them I was 11) up through high school. This involved many frigid mornings walking through ice and snow to get the town up to speed on latest events every day before 6am. Lots of ice and lots of snow. Luckily, there was one thing that made it all worthwhile...cracking the thin layer of ice that formed slightly above puddles. This white film gave an amazingly satisfying crackle when stepped upon. At 4:30am on a winter's morning none of this ice had been broken yet. It was all mine stomp and crack!

Yeah, so I'm odd. Y'all should have figured that out by now.

Living down in Houston, I haven't had that simple pleasure in years and I figured my girls would never know it.

Well, temperatures here have been setting record lows for the last three days. All across the city frozen pipes are bursting and the street gutters are filled with water covered with a thin sheet of ice. If I were an unsympathetic paperboy it would be awesome! As it is, many people are facing a lot of expensive repair bills. Luckily there's a place I could take my girls where they could finally experience the wonderfulness of breaking ice.

Ice, crackling.

More ice!

Miniwether and the Shard. (We've been watching The Dark Crystal a lot lately.)

Spring Creek
Spring Creek, not frozen.

Cold sunny days are a great time to be in the woods. There's no bugs, you don't get sweaty, and often there's no one else nutty enough to be out there. Miniwether loved it but Mambo, being more of a homebody like Misseswether, wasn't too wild about the experience. We ended up having to bring her home then just me and Miniwether returned to play for hours in the cold sand and throwing rocks through the ice of frozen puddles. It was very satisfying for our inner vandals...

Adventure! Excitement! Cold!

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