Sunday, December 27, 2009

What was found under the tree

The tree: a close-up.

We of the Wether household try not to go nuts with gifts for birthdays and holidays such as Christmas. Both Misseswether and I grew up in homes where "more" was not equal to "better".

Let's see what Santa brought us. Yes, I'll take Santa's credit even though Misseswether did all the shopping.

She didn't mind.

Mambo with her big box!

Cool, a purse (with a mirror, which she shows to EVERYONE) and fuzzy blue slippers.

Miniwether got the crown she asked Santa for. She also got cool fuzzy blue slippers. Trust me, she's really happy.

They both also got big dolls. Their uncles/aunts sent them clothes for these dolls and also a bunch of clothing sewing patterns for the dolls as Misseswether has started teaching them to sew. Sidenote: Misseswether sewed the red dress Miniwether's doll is wearing. It only took her a few hours. Since them she's made several more outfits, accesories, and a cloak for each that matches the girl's RenFest cloaks.

Actually, I'm starting to think Misseswether wanted the dolls for herself...

She does play with them a lot.

Misseswether does seem to like my gift to her, which is a relief. Most wives do not respond well when they get exercise equipment from their husband.

She seems to really love it. Yes, she and Miniwether have reindeer antlers attached to their helmets while Mambowether is sporting a Santa hat. They've been attracting a lot of attention as they peddle around the neighborhood!

A manly man's Christmas gifts!

I finally broke down and got an iPod. I chose the Nano as it is easier to hook to a tv to display pictures. I've been getting requests to talk about foraging at garden clubs, book stores, and other non-natural settings. I can hook this iPod to any tv or monitor and show pictures of edible plants to the audience while I talk. The two books are there to help me identify and cook wild edibles.
Last but not least is the C.O. Bigelow Shave Cream. This is the BEST EVER shaving cream for those of you old school gents who apply the lather with a badger brush and shave with a real razor rather than some multi-bladed piece of plastic and hype.

So that's it. Much love, minor amounts of packaging!

And now for something completely different. The neighborhood playground recently installed swings! And not just those painful straps of rubber, these are the Lazyboy version of swings!

Swing, lazy child, swing!

Warning: Consult your physician before using this equipment to determine if it is suitable for your child! Yes, the swing's warning label really does tell you to check with your doctor before using this bit of playground equipment. I weep for America...

Adventure! Excitement! Keeping Izzy happy!


Izzy G. said...

Lol. Well done. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Those swings are excellent for children with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy. CP kids may not be able to balance in a regular swings.

Bramble said...

Many children with disabilities like my son have never been able to swing until those types were hung. Believe me, we have to wait through a lot of lazy children who could use the regular swings in order to use the recumbent swings. He gets a kick out of them, and YES, he's being lazy about it the whole time!

Tripp Hazzard said...

Love the Bicycle Built for Two (+ 1)!

However, you might want to change "peddle" to "pedal" (grin!).