Saturday, December 12, 2009

MerriFairy caught!

I've been work late a lot lately and have been coming hour exhausted. Friday I got home a little before 7pm and was met at the door by a smiling Miniwether. She just stood there blocking the door and grinned a gap-toothed grin at me... D'oh! She had lost her first tooth!!!

She has TINY teeth!

According to Misseswether, Miniwether had spent the afternoon practicing how she would greet me at the door to show me her lost tooth. Mini can be somewhat of a perfectionist drama queen...

The lost tooth was only slightly larger than a grain of rice and I'm a little amazed that she hadn't already lost it in the carpet, outside, or any of the number of other treasure-eating locations she normally loses stuff. The knowledge that that night the tooth fairy would come and exchange the tooth under her pillow for money was enough of an incentive for her to keep close watch on said money-making tooth.

After I had been allowed to see the tooth Misseswether smartly suggested that it be placed ina ziploc baggie for placement under the pillow. Misseswether is really smart.

Miniwether spent the evening quizzing me on the tooth fairy. What does she look like, what does she do with the teeth, how much money will she leave, etc... I claimed I didn't know the answers having never been able to catch TF in the act and the current inflationary economic situation would make the amount brought to TF much different than what I got. This lead to a talk about inflation, economics, current federal polices...which lead to us pretending to be butterflies for some reason.

Eventually it was bedtime and the baggie was placed under her pillow, the lights were turned of, and I shut their bedroom door. Then I waited for them to fall asleep.

Yeah, two little girls waiting for a visit from a magical fairy does not lead to a quick falling asleep.

Finally well after midnight they seemed to be deep in sleep, it was time for the fairy to make her/my move! I turned off all the lights and quietly opened their door...which failed miserably because it squeaks really loudly. Miniwether raised her head but didn't see me standing motionless in the black hallway. She settled back down to sleep and I sneaked over to her bed....where she lay with with her hand under the pillow holding onto the baggie.

I carefully tried to slide the baggie out of her hand...which caused her to leap up excitedly and shout, "Did she come?! Did the tooth fairy come?!"

"Yep!" I responded holding up the baggie, "The bag is empty!" I cheerfully lied, hoping she wouldn't somehow see the tiny tooth in the dark. "Let's see how much money she gave you." I said sticking my other hand under her pillow and carefully dropping the two quarters I had palmed as Miniwether yanked the pillow away. She squealed with delight when she saw the coins. I was positive she saw me drop them but either she didn't see it or she didn't want to call me on it.

We spent a few more minutes talking about the tooth fairy. Miniwether told me about another little girl she knows who claims their is no tooth fairy. "She didn't get any money for her teeth" she solemnly declared. "But I believe in fairies!" she continued in a very very determined voice. "I believe in magic."

I take that to mean I'm doing my job right as a parent.

Adventure! Excitement! Next time I leave the bedroom door open!


KG2V said...

How about oiling the hinge?


Bramble said...

Beanstalk recently lost his first tooth, also. TF was caught in the act here, too, but he was equally excited by the quarters. Good to know TF is as reasonable at your house as at mine...I hear rumors of very expensive teeth out there!

Mike_H said...

That was a great heart-felt story. I look forward to when my little guy gets to that age.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute story! She's a darling.

Ursula said...

You're a great dad! And a lucky one! Mini is a serious chip off the old block. Very clever little girl!