Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stopped in Time

Four Princesses and Widowmaker.

Yep, Thanksgiving weekend found us back at RenFest for the third and last time this year. As an added bonus, Clark and family finally joined us! This was a good thing. Clark and his wife had last been to RenFest twelve or more years ago and were unprepared for how huge it had grown.

One tiny little spot, with toys free to play with (in the hopes that you'll buy some to take home).

Misseswether really liked the 11-shot mini-marshmallow launcher.

I preferred the trebuchet the flung full-sized marshmallows 50" or more. Imagine launching flaming marshmallows into cubicals three rows over. That would be so awesome.

Of course rides were rode. Sadly, Miniwether made a major infraction the day before so to discipline her she was limited to one ride while Mambowether got two. Surprisingly Mambo picked the big swing and the spinning box thing as her two rides. In the past she had been terrified of these. My little girl is growing up FAST!

This is my happy face.

Miniwether goes flying.

RenFest actors engage patrons in assorted skits and activities. Last time the Wethergirls were invited to join the French Court for a tea part, this time some German princesses played Tag the Pig with assorted kids. It was a surprisingly non-violent game.

No pigs or children were hurt, though some did get rather winded.

Of course, RenFest isn't just for kids. Mmmm, belly dancer.

As usual, we were there dawn to dusk. Nightfall in the Village is my favorite time as everything becomes even more magical in the soft glow of lanterns. Plus creatures of the night start showing up.

A dragon at twilight.

The Clarks left before full dark but we stayed later so Misseswether could buy a new bodice. Being the last weekend, many shops had their wares at clearance prices. It's better to sell for less than haul it home. This resulted on a great deal on a very lovely and very flattering bodice for m'lady. As for a picture, you'll just have to wait until next year.

The closing fireworks started up a few moments after we arrived back at my truck. We sat in the back eating cookies and listening to soundtrack from The Lord of the Rings while waiting for traffic to clear.

Fireworks and cookies! Oh, and there's Misseswether's new bodice. I guess you didn't have to wait a year...

Thirty minutes later not a single car had moved. One by one people began shutting off their vehicles and began mingling. Word quickly made it through the throngs...a bad wreck had shut down the one road leading out of RenFest. I have no proof, but I suspect that some @$$-O drank too much then tried to make an end-run around everyone else trying to get out of the Faire. This happens several times a year resulting in gridlock.


Luckily, I'm me, which is a very friendly person. I had run into my old Ren-Forums buddy, Sir Martin, earlier that day and as we sat watching the unmoving traffic my cell phone rang. It was another friend calling to see if we were trapped in traffic. She had encountered Sir Martin who told her we were here. When I told her we trapped she immediately invited us for gumbo and drumming at the Clan McLotofus campsite over in the Faire Campgrounds. Ten minutes later we were sitting by a fire eating fresh, hot gumbo and chatting with assorted friends, old and new. Then Wine and Alchemy showed up and the party really started!

Clan McLotofus's fire.

Catherine D'Artois and the Wethergirls.

Drummers, fiddlers, flutists, and dancers...

The sounds of camping with Clan McLotofus.

Mmmm, goood bodice!

Traffic hadn't moved for three hours and the food & music eventually lulled the Wethergirls to sleep. It was another hour before traffic began creeping forward. I went back and got the truck while the girls slept. It took me a while to make it back to the Clan McLotofus then several of the Clansmen helped me carry the girls to the truck and strap everyone in. The Faire had officially ended hours ago but when you are sitting by a fire with friends and drummers time slows, stops... But now it was starting up again. Goodbyes were shared via hugs and armclasps, then I eased the truck back into the slowly-moving train of vehicles. An hour later we were home. I carried the girls to bed, had a glass of mead to finish off the wonderful day, and joined Misseswether (still in her faire-garb!) under the covers.

And time stopped again for a little while.

Adventure! Excitement! Faire!

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