Sunday, November 29, 2009

And so it begins.

The first wild edibles demonstration bed.

Saturday I returned to the Last Organic Outpost to start working on the Houston Food Security program. Joe tractored over some of his most excellent Magic Mix dirt into some beds that I filled with assorted edible weeds dug up from other areas of this farm.

The second bed.

The first bed contained sow thistle, wild onion, purslane, field pennycress, pony's foot, spiderwort, and curled dock. The second was planted with more spiderwort, curled dock, burdock, pokeweed, two different amaranths, nutsedge, and cleavers. A third bed was planted with lamb's quarter and burdock.

It's a small start but like every farmer, I have great hope for the future. Speaking of which, on Dec. 12th the Last Organic Outpost is have a big public shindig to help raise awareness for Houston Food Security. I'm one of the featured speakers and I'll also be doing two edible wild plant walks. The event will run 10am-4pm and is free but donations to the farm are encouraged.

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Location of the Last Organic Outpost. Look for the big onion.

The big onion.

Joe's Magic Mix, the finest dirt you'll find in Houston!




I'll be down at the Last Organic Outpost a lot in the future. They have some big plans to increase public awareness including farmer's markets, guided tours, and wild meals at local restaurants. It should be a lot of fun but also a lot of work. That's okay, I don't expect changing the world to be easy.

Adventure! Excitement! Destiny!

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