Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Really Old School

High School Musical, circa 1450 A.D.

So, today I kind of played hooky to go to school. Is that the sign of a total nerd or what?! Okay, I didn't actually play hooky, I took a day of vacation but it sounded funnier the other way. (disclaimer added in case any current or future employers track me down to this blog...which is a terrifying thought!)

By now you are probably wondering where we'd encounter 15th-Century students in the middle of the workweek? Simple answer: Like many people, we have a time machine.

What, you don't? Bummer!

This time we decided to travel back to the Renaissance Period as a school experience for Mini and Mambo. Sidenote: I may have to stop calling Miniwether "Miniwether" as the top of her head is currently level with Misseswether's ears! For better or worse, about +5,000 other students had the same idea. The cool thing about the Texas Renaissance Festival School Days is that it is open to "regular" schools and homeschoolers alike. The tickets are $6 in advance or $8 at the door, which is a heck of a deal. They also drop the price on certain foods like the traditional turkey leg. Not every performer is there, but many school drama clubs and choirs fill in with really amazing bits of plays and music, such as the picture at the beginning of this post.

The Wethergirls, cloaked against the Fall chill. Sidenote: Misseswether is in high heels...and also found a small mound to stand on to make here look taller than her 6-yr. old daughter.

While the entertainment my have been dropped down a notch, all the regular demonstrations of Medieval techniques were up and running. Swords were clashing, glass was being blown, coins were minted, the blacksmith was smithing...


...and the printer took on Miniwether as an apprentice. I'm going to miss that girl.

Of course the most popular edutainment show was still on: The Birds of Prey! Nothing wow's an audience like a falcon swooping by inches above their heads on it's way to catch a fake leather bird!

Fresh meat eater!

Carrion eater.

Get to this show early if you want a seat...and hide your turkey legs!

Do NOT do this at the Bird of Prey show!!

Since this was a school activity the girls did have to do homework while we were there.

Draw something you see, write down what it was, where you saw it, when you saw it, and why you liked it. Mambowether chose to drawn "the entire faire!" and then filled her paper with a wild mishmash of colorful scribbles, which actually did end up looking like the faire...if you were looking at it while spinning in circles...

...on a frog with a purple coat. She LOVES that frog.

Miniwether in gym class working on the rope swing, which is actually a giant swing powered by pulling a big rope.

The faire closed at 4pm during the School Days event. We had been in constant motion there since a little after 9am so even though I hadn't seen everything it was kind of nice to have it close that early, especially since I know we are coming back in a few weeks. Five minutes after we left the parking lot the sky opened up a deluge of water. Up until then the day had been beautiful, mostly cool with a bit of warmth later in the day. Since at that point the faire was closed for the day, rain didn't matter.

I highly recommend going to the Texas Renaissance Festival School Days if you can swing it. I was a little concerned about being surrounded by kids but it turns out 99.999% of them were very well behaved. I guess honor students are more likely to get to go to this than troublemakers. Not every shop was open and many that were had only a small sample of wares out (shoplifting had been a problem in the past, perhaps showing that current good students may end up being the white-collar embezzlers of the future?). Also, no knives, swords, maces, or other weapons were for sale, though you could still buy wooden replicas. I don't think beer or other alcoholic beverages were on sale today which meant that there were no drunken dumb@sses making trouble. That almost made up for there being no knives for sale.

And home after a big day. I'd say this is proof that everyone had a lot of fun!

Adventure! Excitement! Old School Musical!


Wildcat said...

looks like yall had fun. that is a neat place.

Mike_H said...

That was great. We go to the Pa Ren Faire all the time... Actually heading there this weekend.

Izzy G. said...

Ren Fairs are always fun. I once angered a brave Knight by shooting him repeatedly with a rubberband gun as a child.

I'm liking the beard. I've been regrowing mine. Day 7 and counting.

Kelly said...

I love it. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I've never been but we plan on going soon. We missed school days but I kind of wanted to go when the full show was going on. When Old School Musical turns PG-13. ;-) LOL