Monday, September 28, 2009

I met some trees.

I have no idea what the title of this post means. Miniwether came up with it a few minutes ago when I asked her what this week's blog entry should be titled. Yes, this is probably going to be another daddy-post. I'm finding the kids take up a huge amount of my time, which they'd better well make up for when I'm old and decrepit and trapped in a nursing home. What's the point of having kids if they won't smuggle whiskey and smokes past the nurses? Sidenote: I don't smoke although I will admit I came within 2-3 cigarettes of getting hooked on those coffin nails back in grad school. It was probably a good thing I was dirt-eatin' poor back then or else I would have ended up still smelling of Marlboros...

Anyway, Miniwether wants me to write about us all going back to the same spot on Spring Creek again Saturday with assorted more parents and kids.

Assorted kids and one of the dads. He's a new member of what I used to egotistically call Merriwether's Men. I can't really call it that anymore considering it's grown into a large group of men, women, kids, dogs, and assorted other creatures.

I'm not sure how many kids we had out there Saturday. There were five dads, two moms (attached to the dads...not all the dads, just two of the dads!), and something like nine or so kids.

Hey, our parents aren't stopping us!

Growing up I spent many a day swimming in the ponds, lakes, creeks, and rivers of Minnesota. Pools were boring, they didn't have any clams, neat rocks, or jumping branches. Most summer mornings every boy in town would jump on their bikes and race off to assorted swimming holes to spend the day thrashing about in aquatic adventure. Yeah, over the years several of them drowned but usually that was from doing something dumb like jumping off a railroad bridge or trying to go over the dam on an air mattress. Considering such dangers are not found on this sandbar, us parents had no problems letting the children splash and thrash fully clothed in the 2' deep water.

Of course, what fun is water without sand? Kids dug holes, kid made castles, kids poured water on the castles, kids buried other kids, etc...

We are still trying to get all the sand out of the washing machine. Note to self: next time do a better job of hosing them off!

And then there's the fire/food combo so important to a good day outside! Sausages on whole wheat bread seem to be the food of choice, with an occasional package of trail mix thrown in to complete the experience.

I'm not sure what just happened here, but judging from the expressions on everyone I'm guessing Mambowether just cut loose a most impressive toot...
It's posts like this that will come back to haunt the Wethergirls through their teenage years.

As the day grew on parents and kids had to drift on to other places more civilized than Spring Creek. Having learned a bit over the years, I had a gallon of water waiting in my truck to dump over Mini and Mambo to wash off the major clumps of sand. Once we got home they were hosed off some then sent to the shower. Coming downstairs after cleaning up Miniwether revealed her new friend to me, some sort of fuzzy caterpillar. She and Misseswether(!) spent some time examining it with a magnifying glass and then set it free to eat my garden. Maybe we'll get another cool butterfly.

In light of how good the day had been we decided to do a family camp-out in the living room. Since my gardening has taken over the whole back yard we no longer have a place to pitch a tent back there. Instead we just pull our mats and blankets into living room and pretend we are camping...though I must admit we've never watched Star Wars out in the woods.

Everybody loves Star Wars!

Okay, those of you getting sick of all the daddy-blogging will be happy to know I have a two adult adventures coming up. You'll just have to wait a bit.

Adventure! Excitement! More Sand!


Anonymous said...

Aww, even Tigger and the monkey are tucked in, too!

Merriwether said...

Christina, you of all people should recognize Curious George!

Brad said...

As usual, Z and I had loads of fun and can't wait for next time.

Unfortunately, next time will be a ways' off. Procedure #2 is scheduled when I get back.

Bramble said...

Looks like fun...I am fixing (LOVE that word) to see how far I can hike the little one this week). We're up here in Double Lake territory and there's to many woods to ignore....been running him hard with me and he's having a blast. Between Lake Livingston and Double Lake and these cool temps, we could have real fun.