Monday, September 07, 2009

Getting better

The stitches come out tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and I dumped the crutches yesterday (Sunday). I still walk like one-legged pirate but that's okay. The time down did give me a chance to experiment with something I've been wanting to do: check out the rockin' facial hair I grew while stuck laying in bed:

Photo 7
My facial hair. It rocks.

Yes, that is a stuffed K-9 in the background.

As mentioned earlier I ended up having to go into work five days earlier than planned to redo some testing that had been disrupted. Then the three-day weekend hit and I still had limited mobility. I was able to take Mambowether to the park to feed ducks Saturday morning while Misseswether and Miniwether were at their classes. The park trip was going quite well up until Mambo was mugged for her tortillas by several dozen ducks. These were some foul...fowl (sorry I couldn't resist).

Ducks. You can't trust them. Luckily you can eat them. Well, not least while others are watching. I mean in the generic sense that ducks are edible. They aren't my favorite but cooked right they aren't bad.

But I digress.

For years (well, five years anyway) Misseswether and I have had an arrangement where she stays at home with the girls while I work. When I get home in the evening I become responsible for the kids as well as on weekends. However, holidays and vacation days when I'm off work are mine to spend as I see fit. It's great long as you feel no guilt. The girls have reached a point in interactiveness that I feel bad now about ditching them so I can have fun on my days off. So today I had thoughts of disappearing off somewhere (probably to my computer) but...I took the girls fishing instead. Miniwether had been begging to go as had Mambowether (who does whatever Mini does).

They win.

We went to Tamarack park in The Woodlands. Previous fishing trips there had been fantastic. I figured nothing had changed. Wrong: it was loaded with a lot more minnows and turtles than last time.

Also edible.

The fish weren't biting quite as well as last time, however Mambo did manage to catch one without freaking out and tossing her new rod into the pond.

Mambo vs. a fish

Of course by "catch one" I mean I caught it and handed the rod to her to reel in. She refused to pose with it or even lift it out of the water. Too bad, it was actually a pretty nice fish. On the plus side she is getting over her fear of worms. She'll pet them now and even held one for a little bit.

Meanwhile Miniwether wasn't having much luck. The fish kept stealing her worms but she did manage to catch the same turtle...three times. I had removed the barb from her hook to make catch-and-release of the fish easier. This also helped a great deal with that damn turtle. Sadly I wasn't able to get a good picture of this gluttonous turtle.

Miniwether LOVES fishing but it was still brutally hot and lunchtime was approaching. She wants to go again later today but I'm claiming at least a small part of the day for me. Hey, I'm not perfect.

Adventure! Excitement! Daddy-blogging!


J-Ro said...

The goatee is HOT. Of course, since I am also married to a fellow facial hair dude, I am partial. But that really flatters your facial structure. You should have done that a while ago - totally awesome...


Merriwether said...

Well, I was going to shave it off Tuesday but if you like it maybe I'll keep it.

Misseswether likes to sneak up and yank hairs out of it which is very painful.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen MW - SHAVE. And fast...

(Use a big knife if it makes you feel better)

Facial hair is bad...

Mike_H said...

I say keep it... You actually look less scruffy after a weekend of adventuring, if you already have the goatee. Plus it adds that sinister look that any mad scientist needs.

In my case, my Mrs. will NOT let me shave it. Which is a bonus for me!

jeaux said...

Cool pics. Isn't being a dad the coolest thing?

Packman said...

I agree - keep the facial hair. Goatee wearing adventurers of the world, unite!

Bramble said...

Oh, the facial hair is definitely a keeper. My SO has the current "in" grizzly goatee thing going on and I like.

As for the fishing glad they're so calm in natural wildlife settings! There's no chance in hell Squib would touch a worm. Not a chance. Going near "the big water" is scary enough. Were it not that I witnessed his birth I would question his parentage.

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