Monday, September 21, 2009

Back in the Green

Proof we are good dads.

It's been about a month since I've been in the woods, which is probably my longest time away from the Green since China. The fact that I was out there with fellow dads and their kids just made it all that much better (of course the massive amounts of stick-roasted sausages and marshmallows certainly helped, too!). Bababrad was back from Africa, Dr. Zyme was escaping in-laws, and I could walk again. Where better place to gather with our kids than Spring Creek?

Not shown, Dr. Zyme. Someone had to take the picture.

Years of exploring out there has given me many secret spots such as this sandbar. I wish I could say it's untouched but alas, this time we discovered a number of beer bottles and assorted other trash. Grrr. Some humans just need to be moved lower down the food chain.

I have a feeling the CPSC would not approve of using empty bottles as toys. Oh well.
Sidenote: I policed the area for broken glass before letting the kids run barefoot.

The weather lately has been awesome with lower temps than normal. It's been getting down into the low 70's at night which is theory. Anyway, after the 100's of summer this new "Fall" thing is quite refreshing. I think they should have it every year.

Now whenever Miniwether returns to nature interesting bugs seem to flock too her. She's kind of like one of the Disney Princesses (did you seriously think I'd link to THAT?!) who walks into the forest, whistles, and suddenly has dozens of cute woodland critters willing and ready to help out. Only in Miniwether's case these woodland critters usually have 0, 6, or 8 legs and eat their mates.

She loves this sort of thing.

Meanwhile us men did what men have done since the later half of caveman times: build fire - eat meat!

Starting the fire with flint and steel.

I was out of practice with my fire kit, so it took me a little over five minutes to get the fire going. After that it became a big, manly sausage-fest!


There were mesquite-smoke sausages, there were cheese-filled sausages, there were jalapeno-sausages, there were...oh wait, I get it. Good grief people!

Now, where there are men, fire, and children there also needs to be marshmallows. Mambowether decided she preferred her marshmallows "raw" as she called it, but the rest of us (er, I mean the kids) wanted them nicely toasted. If one just happened to catch fire well then one of us dad HAD to eat it. We certainly wouldn't want it to go to waste. Eventually there was nothing left to eat but a few heels from the loaf of bread we had brought along. Mambowether likes that part of the bread so she gobbled those up. After that there was nothing to do but sit by the fire and talk while the kids played in the water. This doing nothing took a good two hours.

Eventually it was time to erase the fire, police the area for trash (ours and others), and head back to what y'all call "civilization". The kids were all coated in sand, a lot of which ended up in my truck and most of the rest got hosed off them in the backyard. After that came a real bath followed by me frantically trying to clean up all the sand they managed to track into the house even after the afore-mentioned hosing.

I think it's important for kids to get caked in mud and sand every so often. I've seen children in parks that were afraid of a puddle and I've seen parents freak out when their kid picked up a handful of mud. That just doesn't seem healthy to me. How can a child develop an appreciation for nature when coming in contact with it scares them or their parents?! Go out, get dirty, clean up after yourself. In the long run that will make the world a much better place.

Adventure! Excitement! Sand!

Sidenote: It was so great that we are going to do it again next Saturday.


KrysTros said...

Haha, you said policed, I am thinking former military.... Glad to see you enjoying the day with your kids!

Wildcat said...

wish i could have made it. no stick bread??? i stocked up on the walmart pizza mix. :-)