Monday, August 24, 2009

Zog dies at noon!

Okay, in about an hour I'm heading to the hospital. The doc is first going to remove a large patch of skin off my chest where the basal cell carcinoma was followed by attacking Zog. He'll cut a 3cm ball of tissue out of my foot centered around Zog. next, he'll cut Zog in half to determine how deeply Zog penetrated into my flesh. If it's less than 1mm the doc will just patch the hole and send me home.

I'm hoping for that result.

If Zog is thicker than 1mm then suddenly life will get much more...invasive. I'm trying not to think about that result as a) it's not likely and b) it scares the heck out of me.

So anyway if you see this say a prayer or something for me. I'm hoping the doc will let me take pictures during the procedures. It's rare that one will, though. Well, I figure out some way to put up big, gruesome shots of the wounds. Y'all seem to really like that. :-O

Adventure! Excitement! Death to Zog!


Mike_H said...

Good luck. Will say a few words to the big guy for you.

As always, looking forward to the gruesome pics.


Bramble said...

Will definitely say a prayer or two as will the fam. Hope it doesn't slow you down much or at all!

Merriwether said...

good pics doc said okay
wow foot nerves. pills for good happy
what inklysa/

Jro said...

OK, you posted. Can stop holding my breath now. And since it was gibberish, you must be back to normal... haha...


Ben said...

Sounds like the pain meds are on board... Get well soon. --bjl