Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweating Green

In light of upcoming events (DEATH TO ZOG!!!) this last weekend was spent drenched in sweat among plants. Saturday was spent in Ravenscar (aka my backyard) tearing up the last of the Asian jasmine ground cover in preparation of replacing it with assorted edible ground covers. Word of warning, Asian jasmine is a B*TCH to get rid of if you change your mind on it. I found the best way to do it was start at one end of the patch, lift it up, slice through the roots with my machete, role the cut jasmine up exposing more roots, then cut those. Clearing out the Lesser Tump in this manor left me with two wads of jasmine, each the size of a bathtub. I then had to chop these wads into garbage-bag-sized wads to dispose of them. I love my machete!

I had also planned on cutting down some waxleaf myrtles and a maple tree to give room for some orange trees and maybe a muscadine grapevine. However, the battle with the jasmine took up all my time, so the chainsaw is just sitting unused on the kitchen counter. Misseswether isn't too keen on that, but what can I do? A tool like that is too sweet to leave in the garage.

Sunday found me out at the Houston Arboretum getting ready for next week's edible wild plant class(es). Things are really ripening up out there, their grounds are filled with much yumminess. If you've been wanting to take a class on wild edible plants you better jump on this one. Depending on what happens with my foot on Aug. 24th it may be a while before I can walk backwards for hours again. After the next class classes will be put on hold until everything heals up.

Not much to report on Zog right now. He's still clinging to the bottom of my foot for another week, then out come the knives. Things look pretty good in the battle against Zog, it shouldn't take more than removing 1-2cm of tissue around it. Picture the doc going at my foot with a razor-sharp melon baller. After that it should only be a week or two of not using my foot. I plan on using that time to make more improvements on my edible wild plant blog.

Okay, I think it's about bedtime. Sweet dreams of a warm sun everyone.

Adventure! Excitement! Sweat!


Anonymous said...

(I don't want or expect you to post this comment.)

I wasn't sure if you were aware of the connotation of "ZOG", but "DEATH TO ZOG" sounds unfortunately like a white power / antisemetic slogan. From what I know about you, I'm pretty sure that wasn't your intent at all.

Merriwether said...

Wow, I didn't realize that! Guess I should have googled "Zog" before naming my melanoma that. I thought it just sounded like a funny, furry caveman or something non-threatening like that.

Now I feel kind of bad.

-Merriwether, friend of Israel