Monday, August 31, 2009

One Week Down

My foot on day seven.

So as you can see my ability to go adventuring has been somewhat curtailed. On the plus side this has allowed me to add a number of new plants and information to my plant blogs. I've also watched a lot of movies. More importantly, today is the last day of antibiotics so I'm hoping I can talk Misseswether into getting me some beer for tomorrow! Don't worry, I stopped taking the pain pills after day three. All they did was put me to sleep where I dreamed about how much my foot hurt. So not only was I having those dreams where I was naked and late for a test on a subject I didn't know but also my foot was on fire. I decided just to go with the real foot pain and skip the somnbulistic high-school nudity.

Well, that's pretty much all for now.

Adventure! Excitement! Watching the ceiling fan spin!


Christina E. Rodriguez said...

I'm rooting for you and your foot, Mark! In the meantime I'll drink enough to numb the pain for both of us! :)

Merriwether said...

Thanks Christina! I'm looking forward to any pictures/videos you'll send me of yourself while drunk (preferably hula-hooping!). Failure to send such evidence will be construed as lack of true empathy for my plight.


Love ya!

Mike_H said...

Hoping you get back on your feet again soon... But looks like it will be a while...

Just remember, on the plus side, we will hopefully have you around for a lot more adventures!

How are the little ones handling this? I'm sure they are missing their jungle gym dad...

Bramble said...

Still looks painful! Here's to good healing fast!

Bramble Scat and all the various Scats running about the Greater Houston area.

Merriwether said...

Mike, how says the little ones aren't still climbing all over me. ouch!ouch!ouch!ouch!

Bramble, your brother has my cell phone number. I will pay y'all cash to bring me a 6pk of the limited addition Shiner Smokehouse Brew!