Sunday, August 23, 2009

Galveston Targeted

Being a member of the Texas Gulf Coast's only zombie suppression team means sometimes I have to do nasty stuff in nasty places.

And sometimes we go to the beach! Galveston, somewhat seedy before Hurricane Ike's devastation, is even worse now. The streets and beaches are mostly empty except for the occasional shuffling moaner. While many building have been repaired there still remains assorted piles of junk bulldozed into vacant lots and such.

This used to be a very famous hotel. Now? Zombies! Well, actually after this weekend I can safely say there are no zombies shuffling through it's hallways looking to eat the brains of the living.

Zombie Squad 014 travels in style!

The trip down to Galveston was uneventful though I was a little concerned about the Wethergirls. I had to bring them along as Misseswether was starting up the fall semester of Chinese school. Some of the other squad members also had kids along, so we just did what any loving parents would do...

Give them a big-ass cannon and tell them to shoot anything that shuffles.

Before the raid we rounded out our gear at Col. Bubbies authentic military surplus store. This place is loaded with the finest pre-Vietnam war canvas and leather goods, sharp pointy things, and the assorted detritus of third-rate armies all over the world. Being pretty well loaded to the gills with gear, all I was looking for was a German WWII butter dish to hold my Nutella.

Hey, when fighting zombies you better dang well keep your Nutella safe! This ultra-calorie-dense food product keeps the body fueled under even the most extreme zombie battle situations! The Germans knew this years ago and this technology still hasn't been improved upon.

I'll spare you the gruesome details of the Great Galveston Zombie Battle other than to say we won.

After fighting zombies it's time to eat! The squad spent a good two hours feasting on fine seafood-based meals at a local restaurant that asked that we never return.

Zombie Squad members in civies. No one ever suspects we are hard people doing hard things to keep them safe.

Plus, our kids are really cute. Deadly, but cute.
Not shown: a picture of my hamburger topped with fried shrimp and onion strings.

I promised my girls that if we all survived we'd go to the beach. Galveston beach has been voted one of the worst beaches in the world in numerous polls, but when you are only 3 and 6 it rocks!

Photographic proof that Miniwether can actually walk on water.

Mambowether. Is it possible to be any cuter? I don't think so.


The girls were really sad when it was time to leave. We had had a wonderful day and they weren't ready to be strapped in for the trip home. Luckily, knowing zombies I'm sure we'll be back.

Going home.

Adventure! Excitement! Cordite and Salt Water!

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hanzo said...

Aloha! The Wether girls are soooo adorable! Feel better and get back out there and post more adventures.