Sunday, June 21, 2009


Woo hoo! The Wethergirls gave me a new tacklebox for Father's Day!

Time to replace my 30-year old box.

Yes, I gave the picture above to Misseswether so she would know exactly which tacklebox I wanted. Happy Father's Day to everyone who is or had a father!

Oh, and here is a hamburger I had this weekend:
A thing of beauty, it's a beef burger topped with tomato, barbecue pulled-pork, onion rings, shredded cheese, hickory BBQ sauce, and no lettuce...because sometimes a man needs to be a man.

As far as other adventures go, I spent Saturday hanging with fellow Houston area Zombie Squad members down at Armand Bayou Nature Center which totally rocked. However, rather than write about that Misseswether and I are going to crawl into bed early and watch several episodes of season 4 of the new Doctor Who.

Life is good.

Adventure! Excitement! Father's Day!


Garden Geezer said...

Hello Merri,
I did not know that you are a Doctor Who fan, me too! Been watching the Doctor since the mid-60's, I must say the new episodes are much better than the old ones although I was MUCH more terrified as a kid than I am now as an adult.
By the way "gramps(bernard cribbins)" was in one of the Doctor Who films from the late 60's where Peter Cushing played the Doctor.
I hope you and missuswether have a great time watching the show. I have to watch it alone as my wife thinks it is ridiculous and over-acted!
Can there be a more formidable enemy than the Daleks...I ask you?

One last thing, you once mentioned that a search showed that a lot of ppl found your blog as a result of your cat bite! You might have counted me amongst them but I actually found your blog whilst looking up HOME MADE UFO's, it just so happened that your arctiwether brother's creation was in the same blog entry as your cat bite. I have been inspired to make a UFO and have already located 4 old fibreglass dishes. Now to pursued the owners to part with them for little or NO cash. Yahoo the Grand-kids will love it.
Very best to youand yours

Merriwether said...

Misseswether and I joke that the only three things we have in common are SciFi, Rice Crispie bars, and, uh, dang I can't remember what the third thing was!

Doctor Who was one of the main reasons I got my own doctorate. Watching that show was a Saturday-night ritual growing up. Somewhere I have an autographed picture of Jon Pertwee...

I love the new Doctor Who episodes though I like Chritopher E-whatever better than David Tenent. Oh, and I'm completely in love with Freema Agyeman! Last night we watched the episode with Agatha Christie, which was wonderful and the two-part episope that took place in the giant library. That library one was probably the scariest Doctor Who I'd ever seen!

Glad to know you are a fellow fan.

Brad said...

Sounds like you had a good Father's Day dude. And a good day Saturday (I want one of those burgers, but Mrs Baba would likely kill me so that the burger wouldn't have the chance).

Only time I ever watched the good Doctor was when Tom Baker played him, so unfortunately, I'll never see anyone else as being the Doctor.

Garden Geezer said...

Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker were certainly good Doctors. The library episode was scary and brilliant, plus Alex Kingston(one of my favourite faces)was in it. I honestly think that BLINK has been the scariest episode so far for me though even though it hardly featured the Doctor at all. Very well written episode.
I dont have any autographed bits and pieces(except for Pele and Margaret Thatcher)but I did once spend 2 weeks at summer camp with the son of Terry Nation. Mr. Nation was one of the originators of Doctor Who and wrote many episodes for other Brit Sci/Fi shows.