Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sugar, Caffeine, and Helium

Me to lady: There's a really large beetle on your shirt.
Lady: OMG! Get it off me!
Me: Um, it's right on your, um, I mean, uh, you know...
Lady: Please, I don't care! JUST GET IT OFF ME!
Me: Uh,, it's gripping pretty hard. Let me just...ah, there we go.
Me to Miniwether: Hey Mini, want a cool bug?
Miniwether: Oh yes! Oooh, he's so cute and his feet tickle!
Lady: She...likes them?
Mambowether: I wanna see it! I wanna see it!

-Just another day in the park with my girls.

I'm sitting at my computer, it's a little before 10pm. Down the hallway I can hear Mini and Mambo. I'm not sure what exactly they are doing but it sounds a lot like a reenactment of the Battle of Pearl Harbor. Not really surprising considered how hopped up they are on cake, ice cream, soda, etc... I suspect the loud thumps and crashes will continue on for quite a while yet.

What possessed such fine parents as Misseswether and I to indulge our children so? Alas, Miniwether has trod this Earth another year, now reaching six trips around the sun.

The perfect cake: Half red velvet, half ice cream, topped with sprinkle-dipped KitKat bars and wonderfully stable.

Wow, that was an exceptionally loud *wham*, but I don't hear any tears. We are pretty lucky, the girls are best friends a good 85-90% of the time. Friday night we took them to a free concert. It started getting chilly so Miniwether wrapped her dress around Mambo and they huddled together as Stravinsky's haunting music sailed through the night.

It was pretty much a 100% Mini/Mambo weekend. The concert Friday night, Saturday was spent at the park with a bunch of other families who had adopted from China (including the bug-adverse lady). Sunday was church, playing with Lego bricks, then the birthday party.

Hmmm, the thumps, clunks, and slams seemed to have stopped. I'm sure they'll start up again tomorrow and for many nights to come. That's okay, it means my girls are still home and that means life is perfect.

Adventure! Excitement! Love!



Wildcat said...

Happy birthday Miniwether!


Garden Geezer said...

Belated Happy Birthday Mini,

Hello Merri,
I gotta tell you, seeing that birthday cake accessorised with kit-kat bars reminded me of my favourite snack as a teenager in England. Ohh ! You want the recipe?
O.K. Here goes......
2 slices of white bread,
2 dollops of butter'
1 Kit-Kat bar.

Toast the bread 'til golden brown, apply butter generously with a spreader. While bread is still warm lay the Kit-Kat bar onto one slice and cover with the other slice. Mmmmmm such texture, such taste, leaves caviar and crackers in the dust.
All the best to you Merri,

Merriwether said...

Paul, wow that sounds really good! I'm thinking KitKat bars are going to be the new condiment of choice in the Wether-household!