Saturday, May 30, 2009

Storms a' coming

Hurricane season comes to Houston with June's heat. Low pressure systems are swirling off the west coast of Africa to cross the Atlantic. Growing as they cross the sun-warmed water, they become dark mindless angry beasts.

It's good to be prepared in advance if you live along the coast. Towards that end, Houston held a hurricane preparation workshop today at the George R. Brown convention center.

Wethergirls and hurricanes.

The conference center was filled with preparedness gear vendors, emergency services, and government agencies. I guess you have to take the good with the bad... Like every conference goodies were handed out. Pens, pamphlets, flashlights, blinky things, t-shirts, etc...

Wethergirls and treasure bags.

Hurricane-proof window films. I want this stuff.

Kids, stay in school or you'll be limited to jobs involving large foam costumes!

The Red Cross was passing out free MRE's and batteries, leading to a big line in to their booth.

By the time we got to the their booth all they had left were batteries. Tons and tons of batteries!

Of course Houston's CERT was there giving first aid seminars.

They had one section devoted to preparing kids. Each child was given a whistle. Wasn't that just...wonderful.

I'm not sure what the Houston Zoo has to do with hurricane preps...

...but they had snakes so my girls were happy.

So did the Nature Discovery Center.

The coolest thing was the portable Imax theater. The picture doesn't do it justice, this thing was huge! Inside the big, inflatable igloo-thingy was an Imax projector showing movies about tornadoes.

The Houston Arboretum was also there. As we walked up to the booth the lady working it let out a squeal and said, "It's you!".

Being famous rocks.

Turns out this blog is popular among the arboretum employees. She knew me and the Wethergirls from these scribblings and is hoping to attend my edible plant class there coming up on June 7th. We chatted for a while while the girls made bead snakes (of course).

By this time the girls were hungry. Thankfully Walmart was giving everyone a free hotdog, chips and a bottle of water.

This is not a product placement. However, I'd like to point out that I'm completely open to being paid for such a thing!

Mini and Mambo had a great time judging how they both fell asleep on the drive home. I'm not sure if they'll have another one of these this year but if they do y'all should go. Admission is free, though parking is a pain. If you aren't sure about what you should have on hand for hurricane season this workshop will fill you in and fill you up.

Adventure! Excitement! Hurricane Gear!


Anonymous said...

It almost makes me wish we got hurricanes here in the UK


Izzy G. said...

I got up early today and stripped down the Generator. Flushed the carb with some rubbing alcohol and then stuck in a new air filter. One pull and she started up and purred like a kitten. I'm good to go.

J. David Boyd said...

The first picture? It's so obvious your girls will both be runway models later on in life.
Miniwether is cute, but Mambowether has that look of disdain down perfect!

Merriwether said...

Yeah, when I saw that pic my first thought was, "I'm going to have to kill every boy in a 200-mile radius."


Mike_H said...

Uh oh... a 200-Mile "Blast" radius.

Sorry, was too good to pass up on.

Looks like it was another fun day!
I wonder what the packaging date was on the MREs.


Shreela said...

I still haven't been able to find out how much 'storm film' costs, which leads me to think it's probably quite expensive. But I found an interesting thread about it at storm2k:

Merriwether said...


The 3M impact film is ~$6.50 per square foot (including professional installation), and the solar shade/impact resistance film is ~$8.50 per square foot. I can post contact information for the Houston dealer if you want.