Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stalking Plants

So Saturday was spent teaching two edible wild plant classes along the banks of Spring Creek.

9:30am class. Mostly members of the local Vegan/Raw Foods group along with a few coworkers who know of my secret life...

2pm class. Readers of my blog and assorted fellow members of Zombie Squad.

I love teaching this class. My dream is to find about 12 acres of land somewhere on which I could set up school to teach about wild edibles, wilderness survival, and urban farming/permaculture. I suppose if I started charging for these classes maybe someday I'd earn enough money to maybe buy some land...

Note to self: start charging for these classes!

If you'd like to know what the class was like swing over to my long time readers the Happy Texans for an unbiased review: This man knows how to kill you with your own landscaping.

I had a great time in a great place with a bunch of great people. Everyone was still smiling at the end even after walking for two hours in the Texas summer heat and bugs. Luckily there was a bit of a breeze and some clouds to help a little with both. The afternoon class was threatened with rain but it held off until after the last car had driven off. The rain started falling soon after and I sat by the banks of Spring Creek, not quite ready to replace the peacefulness of a great day in the woods with the loving chaos I knew awaited me at home.

The Wethergirls latched on to me as I entered our house (and accidentally tracked in sand, mud, and leaves). Misseswether found a relatively clean/sweat-free spot on my lower arm and hugged it, then swept the floor while I showered. A clean Merriwether returned to the family for more hugs, then off we went for supper at a Chinese mega-buffet. The irony of this amused me.

Adventure! Excitement! Class in the Woods!


BigDaddyTX said...

Holy crap I'm pasty white.. I've gotta get out more. I knew it was bad, but seeing it in pictures is terrible. Thanks again for the class. My word is hemati, I think that's greek for not enough blood to get color from sun.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the terrific class. I can't wait to take the fall one.

And it was a real treat to finally meet you! looking forward to future adventures. :)

loner556 said...

Thanks again for holding the class. Eye opening experience.

Any day outside is a good day.

librarian said...

Looks like you guys had a fun successful day!